ManGlaze Nail Polish – Review

Hi readers!

Today I have a review about ManGlaze matte nail polish.

I first heard about ManGlaze through the wonderful ladies I follow on Instagram. I fell in love with their swatches and really wanted to try them out so I added it to my Christmas wish list. I received 3 colours: Mink Mitten, Fatty’s Got More Blood, and Fuggen Ugly. I was SO excited!

How awesome are these bottle designs?!?

Mink Mitten

The first one I tried was Mink Mitten. It’s such a beautiful shimmery purple. This was 2 coats over 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy, no topcoat.

This polish lasts! I added a topcoat the next day because I wanted it to last as long as possible. It went 5 days without a single chip and barely any wear at the tips.

Fatty’s Got More Blood

Then I tried Fatty’s Got More Blood. Isn’t this an awesome blood colour?!? This was 2 coats over 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy, no topcoat. I did add a topcoat to my other hand, but the finish was not quite the same so I did not add a topcoat to my left hand (seen in picture).

Another one that lasts! I did my nails on a Monday night and on the Saturday they still looked awesome, not a single chip! There was a little bit of wear at the tips, but that’s it. And I did not add a topcoat to my left hand either.

Fuggen Ugly

Last but not least is Fuggen Ugly. The name does not do the colour justice because this is anything but fuggen ugly. Once again, this is 2 coats over 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy, no topcoat. This is an awesome grey with a subtle shimmer. The camera did not pick up the shimmer in the hand shot (unfortunately cameras tend to dull out glitter), but the macro shot sure picked it up!

And, you guessed it, this is another one that lasts, I went 4 days without a single chip. I had to remove it today though because I was cleaning our newly finished basement and had my hands in water all afternoon so it got damaged a little bit.

Final Thoughts

After trying these 3 colours, I NEED MORE MANGLAZE! ๐Ÿ˜›

Their formulas are awesome. All three covered beautifully with 2 coats and I don’t recall any other polish lasting this long โ€“ with or without topcoat.

– Chantal ๐Ÿ™‚

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

  • Can't wait to try them!

  • Best nail polish ever!

  • I LOVE ManGlaze. I have "Hot Mess" and it's the most amazing silver microglitter. The best part is that it dries SUPERFAST.

    • I'll have to add that one to my wishlist, I love glitter topcoats! Actually all of ManGlaze's polishes are on my wishlist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • These are so fantastic I've been lusting after them for so long now I don't know what is keeping me from just ordering!