Product Reviews from January’s GLOSSYBOX Canada Part 2 (Befine Skin Care Samples)

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Today’s post is all about the Befine Skin Care samples that were in January’s GLOSSYBOX Canada.

This box contains 5 samples. They are all labelled as “single serve” samples, but most will last for a full week’s use – or more!

Warming clay mask with cardamom, arnica and pomegranate

It’s hard to describe the smell of this product. It has that face product kind of smell, but mixed with a very faint sweet fruity smell. I can’t really say what fruit though.

You can feel the warmth of this mask when you have it on. It’s nice, it’s not too hot.

It’s not a mask that dries up, it stays moist and you keep it on for 5-10 minutes. It has to be washed off though, you can’t just rinse it off.

This mask left my face feeling smooth, I liked it.

You can get this product in a .5oz / 15ml sample or a 5 oz / 150ml tube.

Gentle cleanser with sugar, mint, oats & rice

This product smells like mint/peppermint, and you can get a whiff of oat and rice here and there, it’s nice.

This product is very liquid (like water) so most of it came out when I first used it, oops! I also found it a bit hard to get a nice lather because you can’t seem to keep enough in your hands to work it.

The lather you get from this cleanser feels like those foaming hand soaps, kinda soapy but not too much and fades away quickly.

It left my skin feeling nice and fresh, not tight like some other cleansers can do, so that’s good.

You can get this product in a .34oz / 10ml sample or a 3.4 oz /100ml pump.

Exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond & oats

This product smells like you would expect: a nice blend of brown sugar and almonds, mmmmm!

I found the exfoliating pieces in this product to be a bit coarse, and it’s like they mixed up the formula of this one with the pore refining treatment scrub (reviewed below). That’s what I think anyway. I just expect a daily exfoliating cleanser to have softer pieces than this one has.

It does work up to a nice lather, but I would see this more as an exfoliator that you’d use twice a week as opposed to every day.

It did leave my face feeling very soft. I will keep using the sample, but I will be really gentle when I do.

You can get this product in a .34oz / 10ml sample or a 4 oz / 120ml tube.

Pore refining treatment scrub with coconut, jojoba & citrus

This product does not smell like any of the main ingredients, which I was disappointed about. It kinda stinks in my opinion.

I’m not quite sure that this product can be called a “scrub” because it barely has any scrubbing pieces in it. The exfoliating cleanser‘s texture is what I expected this product to be like. To me scrubs and exfoliators are different names to say the same thing – but I could be wrong. Please correct me if I am. 🙂

This product has a weird texture, it’s kind of creamy/waxy. I can’t seem to work it into a lather before putting it on my face. However, when I rinse it off it does lather up and gets soapy. Weird. You have to rinse for a while to get it all off.

It doesn’t say to wash your face before using this scrub, but I would, especially if you’re wearing makeup. I tried both. It’s not that your face does not feel clean if you don’t wash it before, but it just doesn’t feel as fresh as it should.

I’m a bit confused on the use of this product though. The sample says to use it every day, but the Web site says to use it twice a week.

It did leave my face feeling soft, but not as soft as the exfoliating cleanser.

You can get this product in a .34oz / 10ml sample or a 3 oz / 90ml tube.

Night cream with cocoa, millet & rice bran

This product smells like cocoa; it’s faint, but it’s there.

This night cream has a heavier texture than a day cream, but that’s to be expected since it’s a night cream. It’s not too heavy though and it did not make me break out, which is good.

A few weeks ago I started using Life Brand Clear Action (with 5% benzoyl peroxide) and it’s made my skin really dry (great on acne, bad on skin moisture). Since I started using this night cream a week ago my face has regained its moisture, it’s not dry like it was before. I really like this one.

You can get this product in a .34oz / 10ml sample or a 1.7 oz /50ml pump.

Final Thoughts

I expected these products to smell more like their main ingredients, but they still had pleasant smells – except for the pore refining treatment scrub.

I like all of the products; they work well, all left my face feeling nice and smooth and I did not have any breakouts. My favourite of the bunch is the night cream and I might actually buy it. If I do I will try other products as well. Most come in single serve samples which is perfect for trying out.

You can buy these products on the Befine Web site or on The full size products vary between $24-$30 (USD) on Befine, but are lower on Amazon.

Have you tried Befine products, or will you?

– Chantal 🙂

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