Joe Fresh “Mango” – Swatches and Review

Happy Saturday!

It’s such a beautiful spring day today, there is not a cloud in sight! I went shopping this afternoon and I had the sunroof open, it was so nice! The stores were not as crazy busy as I expected either so that was good. I hope you’re having a beautiful Saturday as well.

This past week I was sporting a colour I’m not used to wearing: Mango by Joe Fresh. Anything that is orange-ish I usually stay away from because it does not go well with my skin tone. But this colour was just too pretty to pass on, and it’s more of a pinky coral, so not quite orange. 🙂

This colour is hard to capture on camera. It shifts depending on the type of light too; sometimes it’s more pink and sometimes it’s more orange. I took pictures with 2 cameras, and with both I used a black and a white background to try to get an accurate colour. These pictures actually came out pretty close to the real tone.

This is a nice cream colour, but it has a hint of sheerness. I needed 3 coats for full opacity.

The brush is a bit flat and wide which I like.

I usually apply my nail polish with one swipe down the middle, then to one side, then the other side, then another down the middle (all without re-dipping in the bottle). When I did that last pass in the middle it pulled it off a bit. This polish dries really fast so don’t go too thin on your coats.

One of the things I love about Joe Fresh polishes is that they are self-leveling. There are no streaks to be had here (unless it gets pulled which kinda creates fake streaks).

All of these pictures are with Nubar Diamont top coat. I did take some pictures before putting the top coat, but my other camera did not like the brightness of the polish and the pictures did not come out well. 🙁

Don’t you just love it when a piece of dust gets caught in your top coat? That’s what happened on my right thumb. I do my first swipe and there it is, caught underneath, right in the middle! *grumble grumble* :-p

What do you think? Is this your kind of colour?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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