Product Reviews from March’s GLOSSYBOX Canada (TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment, Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer, ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosy Red & BM Beauty “Platinum Tiara” Eye Shadow)

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Today’s post is an update on some of the products that were in March’s GLOSSYBOX.

TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment

TRESemmé Platinum Strength reinforces hair’s naturally-protective layer, restoring your hair’s beauty and protecting against future damage.

The texture of this product is quite liquidy, it feels more like a shampoo – minus the suds.

It leaves my hair really smooth, and it actually straightens them a bit too. Not that it’s a straightening conditioner, but it seems to relax them a bit.

I’m not a big fan of the smell though. I find it has a dry smell, for lack of a better word.

Since it’s a deep conditioning treatment I only use it once a week. If it was a regular conditioner I would still only use it once a week though because of the smell. It doesn’t stink or anything, it’s just not a scent I like, but it’s tolerable once a week.

Will I buy this product? No.

Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer

While Natural Glow can help you achieve a skin tone that is one shade darker in just 3 days, it is also a rich, luxurious moisturizer that is suitable for all skin tones from fair to dark. No odour!

I’ve never tried a self-tanning lotion before so I was excited about this one, but a bit scared at the same time because I didn’t want to turn orange.

I used it on my lower right leg (left side in picture) for about a week and a half before I took the picture. As you can see it is slightly darker than the other leg. This “tan” was achieved in 3-4 days though, I just didn’t have the chance to take a picture earlier.

My leg looks slightly tanned and not orange which is good. I think I will use this on my legs for now just to give them a bit of colour for when I wear skirts.

Will I buy this product? I don’t think so. I’m glad I got the chance to try it, but I don’t feel it’s a must for me.

ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosy Red

ModelCo Cheek & Lips delivers perfect amount of sheer colour for naturally flushed ‘just pinched’ cheeks and a sexy pout.

I was looking forward to trying this product because I love lip tints.

This one looks like blood when it first comes out and it kind of has a jelly texture.

When you wipe it off it leaves a nice stain. You wouldn’t wipe it off of your lips though, this is just to show you that it does stain.

I’ve only used this product on my lips because I don’t wear blush and I wouldn’t know where to start on how to apply this as a blush. I quite like it on my lips though.

To me this is a dry tint, it does not stay on your lips to hydrate them, it simply stains them. You could apply a lip balm or clear gloss over it to give it a nice shine.

It has a berry smell and it tastes sweet.

The instructions say to apply with a finger, but I don’t like the stain it leaves so I use a lip brush to put it on.

Will I buy this product? I don’t think so. I like the tint, but I find it a hassle to grab for a lip brush. I like things simple.

BM Beauty “Platinum Tiara” Eye Shadow

Beautifully rich colour, in a sparkly grey shade. 100% natural mineral formula! Cruelty free and BUAV approved! Vegan!

I haven’t had the chance to wear this one yet, but it’s a nice colour.

Will I buy this product? I haven’t used it yet so I can’t say. Although this will last me quite a while so I don’t see the need to purchase anytime soon. If it works well I might check out their other colours though.

Have you tried any of these products?

– Chantal 🙂

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