Holika Holika Magic Pole Waterproof Mascara in Ultra Black – Review

Hi all!

It’s Friday, yay! Do you have plans for the weekend? I have absolutely nothing! I’ll be doing a bit of yard work; the lawn needs mowing – yup, I do that and I love it! 🙂 But it’ll mostly be a whole lot of relaxing, ahhh!

Today I’m sharing with you the Magic Pole Waterproof Mascara from Holika Holika in the colour ultra black.

I had no specific reason to buy this mascara other than I just wanted to try it out. Simple enough, huh? 🙂

Was it worth it? Keep on reading to find out!

Like most Korean brands this one has a fun packaging. All of the silver on the front is holographic and rainbow colours shift when you move it in the light.

Open up the triangle package and ta-da!

The wand is definitely different on this one and I’ve never used a ball like this before.

I’ve had this for over a month before I tried it [me = procrastinator 🙂 ] and the moment that I put it on, on the very first swipe, I thought OMG why did I wait so long to try this!!! And it only got better with every swipe.

In this picture I only have one coat on and that’s perfect for me!

Now I’m crossing my fingers that this will not give me raccoon eyes because even waterproof mascaras don’t always work for me with my oily eyelids.

And here I am 10 hours later… no raccoon eyes and no flakes, WHOOHOO!!!

I almost forgot to do a water test and I had already removed the makeup on one eye, so here is my one-eyed water test. I sprayed water on my eye and closed it tightly 5-6 times.

Not a single smudge! But when I wiped off the water with a tissue it did remove some mascara. So if you get your eyes wet simply pat them dry.

That also ties in to removal. You don’t need any special waterproof eye makeup remover, just warm water. I remove my regular eye makeup with a face cotton, then when I rinse my face after washing it I also rinse my eyes and use my fingers to “grab” my eyelashes and remove the mascara. It works like a charm.

OMG I LOVE THIS MASCARA!!! I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I still can’t get over the fact that 10-12 hours later my under eyes are as clean as when I just did my makeup in the morning. I also love the wand, the ball helps remove any clumping that might happen.

This has definitely become my favourite mascara. It is also available in violet and although it’s not something I would wear, I almost want to buy it just for fun. 🙂

I bought this for $14.06 + sh. (CAD) on KollectionK.com.

What is your favourite mascara?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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