Rainbow Honey ”I Miss You” – Swatches and Review

Hi readers!

Only two days left of my Rainbow Honey week and today I’m showing you one of the two clear base glitter toppers from this collection. This one is called I Miss You.

This one, like the other ones, has the typical round brush. I should have put all of the brush pictures in the intro post! And yes, that bottle is already halfway down! You’ll find out why later in this post. 🙂

This beautiful glitter mix is described as a pastel rainbow of glitters and shimmer, these butterflies are sure to cure the homesick traveler.

I don’t know if you noticed in my previous posts, but all three shimmers were without top coat. That’s because they were waiting for this baby right after I was done taking their pictures. So here they are all covered in one coat of pastel rainbow goodness, and where half of the bottle went! 🙂

Here is the top picture again. My index and middle fingers have a glossy top coat and my ring and pinkie have a matte top coat. This glitter mix has some shimmer in it, and since the other polishes from this collection are shimmer cremes they didn’t showcase the full beauty of this polish. Unfortunately my camera washed out the white fingers, but there is a macro shot further down that shows the details better.

And now the macro shot of my middle finger with a shiny top coat. Isn’t it pretty??

And here is my ring finger with a matte top coat. It showed the shimmer better than the glossy top coat. It’s just too bad I didn’t get any butterflies on this finger because they would have really popped.

Isn’t it pretty?!? I wasn’t sure if I would like the butterfly glitters because they’re bigger than what I’m used to and with my small fingers I was afraid they would stick out of my nails, but they worked out great and I loved them! It’s really a beautiful pastel mix.

Come back tomorrow to see Magic Cake, the last of the polishes from part 2 of The Summer of 199X collection.

– Chantal 🙂

Black polish: Sinful Colors “Black on Black”
White polish: Sinful Colors “White on White”
Matte top coat: Butter London Matte Finish Shine Free Top Coat
Shiny top coat: Etude House Art Gel Coat

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