Loose Button Luxe Box – Winter 2013

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Earlier this week I received my winter edition of my Loose Button Luxe Box. This time I did not upgrade to a special edition because none really appealed to me, and I wanted to see what the standard box would be like too, since it always seems to be a mix of the items from the special editions.

$ Note: all prices are in Canadian dollars. $

I’m really happy with what I received in this box. Let’s take a closer look…

I have to admit that I didn’t open any product to smell or test the colours this time – I took the pictures and that’s it. I’ve been feeling really tired the past 2 weeks. I thought you were supposed to be tired in your first trimester and get your energy back in your second trimester, but I seem to be having the opposite effect. Oh well…!

EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner – 75 mL sample – $25 / 250 mL

Just like UltraShine Shampoo, UltraShine Conditioner has earned the trust of top hairdressers and discerning clients, as the preferred conditioner when moisture and repair are the imperative. Designed to provide the optimum level of moisture, amino and fatty acids, and pH level for every hair type. The result is hair that is shiny, full of bounce, without frizz and with greater strength and elasticity.

This sounds like it’s a great conditioner for the winter and I can’t wait to try it out.

UPDATE: See my full review of the EVOLVh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner.

Simple Pleasures Body Lotion in Vanilla Bloom – full size! – $10

Enjoy the delightful fragrance of this velvet-like body moisturizer.

I love body lotions so this will definitely be used – depending on the smell. But I love vanilla so this one should be ok.

Valentina Assoluto by Valentino – 4 mL sample – $105 / 50 mL & $135 / 80 mL

This new Italian Chypre Floral is the quintessence of Valentina’s femininity reinterpreted with a sophisticated, intense and mysterious twist.

The alluring fruitiness of Smeggia peach and White Alba truffle blends with a magnetic white floral bouquet intermingled with vanilla and ending with a chypre of patchouli and cedarwood. Valentina reveals a more intense, sensual and intimate facet of her personality.

Isn’t this a cute bottle?

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Cell Vitality Victory Eye Serum – full size! – $32

Specifically formulated to help win the battle against eye puffiness, dark circles and lines under the eyes. It detoxifies the skin to help remove under-eye darkness and helps stop dark patches from forming on the skin. NSA technology instantly helps brighten the look of dark circles, keeps the eye area optimally hydrated and plumps the appearance of the skin. As existing darkness fades, and the skin appears lighter and brighter, the eye area will appear rested.

I’ll have to look at the list of ingredients to see if I can use this product while pregnant. Although I don’t have puffy eyes or dark circles – yet! I might need this once the baby is born though, lol!

UPDATE: Read my mini review on this Elizabeth Grant Eye Serum.

Essie Nail Polish in Imported Bubbly – full size! – $11

Be the toast of the town in sparkling, luxurious seashell lacquer.

I have no shade like this yet so I’m really happy to have it and am looking forward to trying it.

UPDATE: See my swatches and review of Essie “Imported Bubbly”.

TheBalm Stainiac – 1.2 mL sample – $17 / 8.5 mL

Lip and Cheek Stain. Stainiac “hint of tint” works with all skin tones. Dab just a touch on your cheeks and lips; layer to pop the color. Fear not those dreaded streaks most tints leave behind – Stainiac’s aloe-infused gel-based formula is designed to give you more time before the stain sets.

Always like to try new lip products!

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping Mascara – 2.5 mL sample – $19 / 9 mL

Lash-by-lash maxi volume and 12-hour wear. The creamy texture of Sexy Pulp Lash Plumping Mascara, enriched with Carnauba wax, coats and thickens every single lash without weighing them down. It helps create as much volume as you want without clumping. Your lashes stay supple, never brittle, for a full 12 hours. Finally, a lash plumping mascara for even more voluminous lashes.

The Brush: An innovative maxi-brush with generous curves for a lash plumping result!

More mascara to try, yay! I’m curious to see how much “plumping” I will get with this.

UPDATE: Read my full review on this Yves Rocher mascara.

Loose Button Gel Eye Pads – $30 / 1 pair

Close your eyes and relax with this soothing eye mask; warm or cool. May also help with headache and sinus pain.

I don’t have anything like this and I’m curious to see if I’ll use this. I don’t get headaches often, but if I do while pregnant I’ll definitely give this a try since I can’t really take anything.

And those are the products I received, totaling approximately $105, wowza!!!

The Loose Button Luxe Box is a seasonal box (every 3 months) that contains 7-8 trial-sized products. It costs $26 + tx per box and you can upgrade to special edition boxes for an extra price. If you go for the regular box you don’t know what you’ll received until you get you box, but if you upgrade you know exactly what you will get as they show you what the upgraded boxes contain.

Sign up for the Loose Button Luxe Box. (This is my referral link.)

Have you tried any of these products?

– Chantal 🙂

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