Dans un Jardin ”Optimal-care stretch mark cream” – Review

Hi readers!

Today’s review is about a maternity cream that I received from family this Christmas. The brand is Dans un Jardin and the product is their Optimal-care stretch mark cream from their Pois de senteur Maman line.

I really need to get some coloured backgrounds because all of these pictures are washed out. 🙁

The gift was in this cute little trio with soft-care oil (baby massage oil) and 3 bath beads.

The body lotion is a pump bottle with 250ml of product.

With a sweet almond oil base, soya protein, shea butter and vitamin E, the Optimal-care stretch mark cream improves the skin’s elasticity, helps prevent stretch marks and reduces the itchiness caused by dry skin.


This smells like baby lotion; it smells so good! I get whiffs of it throughout the day as I move around and I just love the smell!


This is definitely richer than a regular body lotion, but not as rich as a body butter.


I slather this all over my belly, boobs, buttocks and lower back after every shower and I find it works great! It does leave a bit of a greasy feeling, but not as much as a body butter does. And honestly that’s the kind of product I’ve been using since my belly has started growing because I want something that will last throughout the day and not leave me needing to reapply. It really does hydrate the skin quite well.

Bottom Line

I love this product! From the scent to the formula – it’s great!

It is a bit pricy though at $27.95 (CAD), so I probably won’t purchase it for myself. But this makes a great gift for a pregnant friend.

Dans un Jardin stores are pretty much only in Québec, but you can shop online and they ship to Canada and the US.

Have you tried their products? When I was younger they had a store where I lived in New Brunswick and I LOVED their pear perfume. It’s been so long though, I don’t know if their Divine Pear line is the same.

– Chantal 🙂

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