Etude House ”Art Gel Coat” – Swatches and Review

Hey everyone!

When I saw the new line of nail care products from Etude House, called Help My Finger, obviously I HAD to buy some! Look at the little nail face, it’s it just too cute? 🙂

This review is about their Art Gel Coat: This is a gel top coat that gives your nails an ultra glossy and voluminous finish, with upgraded adhesive strength allowing you to easily attach nail stones or arts without the use of nail glue.

Let’s see how it worked out…

The bottle itself is clear and has barely any writing on it, except for the text on the front. It doesn’t even say what the product is so either you keep it in the box or you just remember that the purple text is the Art Gel Coat (all products in this line have their own colour).

The brush is wide and thin, just how I love them.

The first time I used this product was over Sally Hansen “Mermaid’s Tale”. Look at that gorgeously smooth and shiny finish!

I had 3 layers of polish and 2 layers of top coat. I did find that my nails dried extremely slow that night. I did them around 4pm, and at 7pm I was arriving at a restaurant for a friend’s birthday dinner and while looking for something in my purse some pressure got applied to the tip of my right index finger and it pushed the polish back on half of my nail. FRAK! So I was very careful for the rest of the night.

Then the next morning my nails felt VERY lumpy. *cries*

When I posted my nails on Instagram, someone told me that her “Mermaid’s Tale” took the entire day to dry so I figured it was the polish and not the top coat.

So I tried it again with Rainbow Honey “The Power of Love”. Here’s a before picture of my thumb. There were a few tiny bubbles, but nothing major and you couldn’t see them in real life.

Now fast track to the next morning and this is what my thumb looked like:

AAAACK! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! OMG that drove me NUTS! As you can imagine it was VERY bumpy to the touch. And all my fingers were like that! *CRIES*

So I finally came to the conclusion that this Art Gel Coat is horrible. This is the first time that I’m disappointed with a product from Etude House, and I mean really disappointed.

Since I have it I did find a use for it. This is a thicker consistency than my regular top coat so when I know I won’t be keeping my nails (for whatever reason), this is the product I grab for because it does give a great smooth finish initially (see “Mermaid’s Tale” above) – and I don’t waste my good top coat.

For example, I will be posting a textured polish soon and just before I took it off I put on this top coat to show what it looks like glossy. Since I was cleaning my nails right after I just wanted to show the effect and didn’t care about lasting power.

If you don’t own this product already, don’t waste your money on it because it’s not worth it.

I bought this for $4.79 (USD) on

Have you ever been really disappointed by a product from a brand that you usually love?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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