Fontana Contarini ”Lip Pencil” and ”Lipstick Pencil” – Review

Hey everyone!

* Products provided for review. *

Today I’m back with more products from Fontana Contarini to show you: a lip pencil and a lipstick pencil. Let’s talk lips! 🙂

Both these products are pencils that you have to sharpen.

Lip Pencil

The colours are all numbers and I received colour #3 which is a medium brown tone.

I usually like to do a half-and-half picture to show you how the product looks against my natural lip colour, but this being a lip pencil I proceeded to outline my lips with it, so here’s an outline to show you the colour. 🙂

I have to admit that I’ve never used a lip pencil before. I think I did pretty good with the outline for a first time though.

I know you don’t usually wear a lip pencil by itself, but I just wanted to see what this one would look like, so here is a full application.

The pencil itself is creamy and applies very well. However, it looks and feels dry once on the lips so if you wish to wear it alone I would definitely recommend applying a clear lipgloss on top.

Wear Time
I did not test the wear time on the pencil alone because it felt too drying (I did not try the lipgloss option).

This has the typical lipstick scent, but it’s not overwhelming.

Lipstick Pencil

I received colour #8 for the lipstick pencil, which is a dusty rose shade.

This colour is pretty close to my natural lip colour, here’s a half-and-half for comparison.

And now the full application.

The formula of this lipstick pencil is definitely creamier than the lip pencil, but that is to be expected given that this one is meant to be used as the main product. I did find the look a little bit drying, but adding a balm or gloss on top would take care of that (I did not try that yet). Even though the finish looks a bit drying, my lips did feel creamy when I rubbed them together.

Wear Time
This lipstick pencil will transfer onto objects and since I drink A LOT during the day I needed to reapply every couple of hours.

This lipstick pencil has that typical lipstick scent, but it’s not overwhelming and I didn’t notice it once I had it on my lips.

Lip Pencil + Lipstick Pencil

Of course I had to try both products together. The lip pencil is darker than the lipstick pencil so if you outline your lips and don’t fully cover it with the lipstick I find you get an 80s look with a darker pencil colour. Here’s an idea of what I mean with the swatches on my hand.

Here’s a full application of the lip pencil entirely covered with the lipstick.

Here’s a comparison of all 3 looks so you can see the difference in colours.

Bottom Line

I don’t usually wear lipsticks because I find they have a drying look on your lips, even if they feel creamy when you rub your lips together.

That being said, these are not bad products – they’re just not what I usually go for. I do like the colour of the lipstick and will put a clear lipgloss on top next time I use it.

Are these your kind of lip products? What type of lip products do you usually use?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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