Pregnancy Diaries: My Second Trimester

Hey everyone!

Time sure is flying by, I’m done 2/3 of my pregnancy already! The second trimester is definitely when things start getting fun and here’s how it went for me.

First off I’ll go over a few things from my first trimester just to give you a quick update.

Metallic Taste In Mouth – This went away as the second trimester progressed and I don’t remember the last time I had it.

Sensitive Boobs – That’s another thing that went away for me in my second trimester.

Nausea – Another thing that went away, and that one I remember was rather quick. Within a week and a half it was all gone!

Food – Still no cravings and my aversion to chicken is still here, but it’s not as bad as it used to be.

As you can see, all of the not-so-fun side effects I had in my first trimester all went away in my second trimester, yay!

And now onto the second trimester…

The Baby Bump

This is definitely one of the fun things that happens during the second trimester: seeing your belly grow. This varies for everyone though and some women start seeing changes in their first trimester, but for me it was around week 15 that it was really coming obvious. Here’s a little collage of my bump progression. 🙂

I like to keep my baby bump well moisturised. If you’ve missed it, check out my post on Belly Creams to see which products I’ve tried and which one was the winner.

Baby’s Movements

Another super fun thing of the second trimester is feeling your baby move. I started feeling Peanut during week 18. Everyone said that it would feel like butterflies, like a fluttering, but I found it felt more like a twitching muscle. You know when you can see the muscle kind of jumping though your skin? That’s what I found it felt like – so much so that at first I thought it was my lower ab muscles twitching. But then I quickly realized that it was Peanut kicking. SO EXCITING! 😀

Sometimes when she starts it’s like there’s a soccer match in my belly, it’s crazy!

Since week 26 I find that I can feel her move more; it’s not just kicks anymore but turning and stretching too. And since that week I can also feel her hiccups. Yes, they get the hiccups and it’s a sign of a healthy baby. 🙂

Also I can see her move; I can see waves on my belly when she’s stretching and turning. If it happens while I’m home I usually lift my shirt up my belly and just watch it go. It’s so cool!

Baby’s Sex

If you want to find out your baby’s sex, this usually happens at your 20 week ultrasound (or around there) – if baby cooperates. And for us we were lucky that SHE did! 😀

Pregnancy Insomnia

Unfortunately this does exist and I know some of my girlfriends who are currently pregnant are experiencing this too. For me it started at the end of week 21. It seems that as soon as I lay down in bed my body decides to wake up and I just can’t fall asleep. So I get up and either watch tv or browse the net. I used to go to bed at 10pm, but sometimes it’s 2am before I can fall asleep. It doesn’t happen every night, but it’s often enough and it SUCKS! I guess it’s preparing me for the lack of sleep I’ll be having for the next 15 years, lol!

To Summarize

As you can see the second trimester is filled with fun stuff!

I’m really curious to see how my third trimester will go. As of tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be 29 weeks so I really don’t have too long left!

To the mamas reading this, what are your memories from your second trimester?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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