Montagne Jeunesse Nut Oil Masque – Review

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It’s week 3 of our Canadian Beauty Bloggers’ Montagne Jeunesse Mask Challenge and this week’s theme is oil masks. Technically these are mud masks, but we all received an oil mud mask so we made a week for these ones and we’ll have another week for another kind of mud mask.

If you missed the first 2 weeks check out the recaps for week 1: self-heating and week 2: peel-off.

Feed your skin with this African delight, you’d be nuts not to. The goodness of nourishing Baobab Oil sourced from the African ‘Tree of Life’ and miracle Marula Oil penetrates deep down to reveal glowing and nourished skin.

Suitable for:
I don’t know, it doesn’t say.


I find this mask smells nutty and I really like it!


This mask has a thick and creamy texture that I found easy to apply. It also felt cool when I was applying it.

My husband was taking a bath when I took these pictures and he was making me laugh, so I added some crazy eyes into the mix and this is what you get. I have no shame! :p

My husband didn’t want me to crop out his feet, lol!

Feeling #1 (with mask on)

This mask went on cool and stayed cool when I had it on. It wasn’t cold – just a nice cool feeling.

The mask hardens and that I’m really not used to. You can’t really move any facial muscles otherwise the mask will crack from all direction.

The mask wasn’t completely dry in this picture, as you can see, but dry enough that this is the most emotion I could show – a tiny hint of a smile.


It takes a bit of time to rinse off because you have to go over and over the same place to first wet the mask and then get it off. A face cloth would probably speed up the process.

Feeling #2 (after removal)

My skin felt cool afterwards and it toned down the redness in my face because of the coolness, which lasted about 30 minutes. Once my face warmed up again the natural redness also came back.

This mask left my face feeling smooth, but a bit dry.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the scent of this mask; I really like nutty scents. It lingered a bit too which was nice.

I’m not a fan of drying masks though, I’m just not used to that, so I didn’t like that feeling of not being able to move my face. It’s not like I needed to, but I didn’t like the restriction.

If you like nutty scents, don’t mind drying masks and have normal to oily skin then I’m sure you’ll love this mask. Otherwise stay away. 🙂

This mask is available on the FarleyCo web site for $1.99 CAD, and they also list the retailers that carry it.

Do you like mud masks?

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