Monthly Empties: March 2014

Hello hello!

It’s the last day of the month and that means another round of monthly empties! I had a good bunch of empties this time around – compared to the last 2 months which combined had less than this.

Note: links are to my reviews of the products.


Aveeno – Intense Relief Overnight Cream
I’ve had this product for years and I have no clue why I bought it because I don’t have extremely dry skin. It works well, but it’s not something I need.
Repurchase? No.

Biotherm – Biomains Age Delaying Hand & Nail Treatment
I’ve actually used this hand cream before, which you can see in my empties from October 2013, but I keep getting samples from Shoppers. It works really well and I find the scent light and pleasant. However, it’s quite pricy to buy the full size.
Repurchase? No.

Biotherm – Lait Corporel Body Milk
I’ve had this sample for a long time and I think it might have gone bad because it smelled kind of funky. I still tried it once and it works well, but I don’t think it’s worth the price ($29 CAD).
Purchase? No.

Clarisonic – Refining Skin Polish
I received this body scrub with my Clarisonic about a year ago and completely forgot about it! It works well, but it’s not a must-have in my books. It also smells more like a face product than a body product, which kinda threw me off.
Purchase? No.

Fruits & Passion – Northern Strawberry Nourishing Butter
I’ve had this sample for a looong time and even at the time I got it (free with an online order) the product was not available on the site – so I don’t know if it’s just available as a sample with purchase, or maybe it’s a discontinued product. But wow does this smell delicious! It’s just like real strawberries. It really hydrates well too, and for a long time. When I use this before going to bed my hands feel nice and smooth when I wake up. The scent is still there too, but very faint.
Purchase? This scent, no (since it’s not available) – in other scents, maybe.

The Body Shop – Brazil Nut Body Butter
Oh my friggin goddess of desserts this smells good! I seriously want to eat it with a spoon. It also smells very similar to cocoa butter so I’ve been using this in combination with Palmer’s cocoa butter (below).
Repurchase? As much as I love the scent, I just like to try different products so in the near future, no. But who knows in the long run.

Palmer’s – Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks
Thank you cocoa gods! This is another product that smells DELICIOUS! And it works great.
Repurchase? Already did!

Vitabath – Dreamy Pink Frosting Body Wash
OMG this body wash smells delicious! It’s sweet and something you’d find on a cake. I don’t know what pink frosting should smell like, but this scent really feels like pink frosting – if that makes any sense. This product lathers really well and does a great washing job. It’s also moisturising so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight once I’m done. This is definitely going to be a recurring product in my shower.
Repurchase? Oh yes!


Bioré – Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
When I picked up this sample the only word that stuck in my head was “cleanser” and I thought “oh I can try this one right now!” After using it my face felt really tight and that’s when I noticed the “Combination Skin” part of the name. And, after noticing that I realized that I’ve used this product before, which you can see in my empties from June 2013. It left my face feeling tight back then when I had combo/oily skin, so imagine now with my dry face! I have to say thought that a little goes a long way – you really don’t need much and it lathers like crazy! Unfortunately I did not finish this sample because it’s too drying for me right now.
Purchase? No.

Elishacoy – Vita Capsule Cleanser
Where to start…? This cleanser definitely has a granny scent (oh me and my granny scents, lol!) – it’s the first thing I noticed when I opened the package. It’s kind of floral but in that old kind of scent. It lathers and cleanses quite well, but wow does it ever leave your face squeaky clean when you rinse it off. I’ve never had a cleanser made my face squeak as much as this one does, I mean it’s REALLY squeaky! I did not expect that for a product that calls itself a “moisturising cleanser”. However, it did not leave my face as tight as I expected it to be given the super squeaky feeling – but it was still a wee bit tight.
Purchasde? No, I don’t like the smell and it’s not moisturising enough.

Innisfree – Green Tea Pure Cleansing Oil
I usually don’t like the smell of green tea in products because I find they often smell more like plain tea and not really green tea. This product however smelled wonderful! It was a very light and fresh green tea smell and if all green tea products smelled like this then I’d be all over green tea scents! My face felt cleansed and smooth after rinsing, and no tightness at all. I loved it.
Purchase? No since I just ordered one (from another brand), but maybe later once I need more.

Missha – Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
This one, like the Elishacoy cleanser above, lathers really well, left my face REALLY squeaky clean, but a little bit tight too. It smells really good though, like a fresh men’s body wash.
Purchase? No.

Neutrogena – makeup remover cleansing towelettes
I bought these quite a while ago and I absolutely hated them. They smelled very perfumy, left a greasy feeling on my face (they’re meant for night cleaning and are “nourishing”), and gave me breakouts. So I kept them at my light box and used them to clean makeup swatches that I would do on my hand and arm.
Repurchase? No.

Shiseido – Facial Cotton
REPEAT ITEM! Love these, nuff said. 🙂
Repurchase? I always do!


I have a makeup product in my empties, woo!

Skinfood – Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF20 PA+
This is my favourite BB Cream that I’ve tried so far and it’s the second one that I finish. This was colour #2, as opposed to colour #1 that I got the first time, but I honestly did not see any difference between the two.
Repurchase? Already did!

And that’s it for this month! Have you tried any of these?

Check out what others have finished up in March, and add your link if you have some too!

– Chantal 🙂

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