Ion Conditioning Curl Whip – Review

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I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far. Mine was productive with a little bit of house work and a little bit of yard work, and now tonight is all about relaxing in front of the tv.

Today’s post is about the Ion Conditioning Curl Whip. I got this item for free at Sally Beauty when I renewed my membership. I could choose any product from Ion so I decided to try this styling product for curly hair.

Soft, touchable definition for curly and wavy hair.
100% Vegan
Paraben Free

The Scent

How to describe the scent…? It’s chemical-y, which I was disappointed with. I like my hair to smell good so I like a bit of scent in my products, but this one was just not doing it for me.


Doesn’t this make you think of a can of whipped cream? 🙂


It even kinda looks like whipped cream when you squirt it out!

The texture feels kind of watery and it’s not sticky at all. I’m used to styling crèmes that are a bit sticky so I didn’t have big expectations for this one.

I usually use 2-3 times this amount when I do my hair cause it’s a bit long.


I rub the product all over my hands and try to distribute it evenly though my wet hair. First while standing up, then I flip my head over and just rub all of my hair together to try to distribute it more.

And then is the drying process. I always dry my hair the same way: flip it over and dry with high heat and low speed. I find on high speed it can take away from the crunchy effect – which I like from a styling product.

Here is a comparison of a day when I didn’t put anything in my hair and one with the Ion Conditioning Curl Whip.

Well, I was surprised by this product. I didn’t expect much, but it delivered. I like a product that leaves a bit of a crunch in my hair (kind of a wet look). Not a hard crunch like hairspray, but more of a soft crunch that keeps the curls defined (otherwise it gets all poofy). And this one did – it left a light crunch that was perfect.

Final Thoughts

I was greatly surprised by this product because the texture didn’t give me much hope. I didn’t like it as much as my regular product, but I liked it enough to keep using it. I think if it had a better scent it would be almost on par with my regular product, but the scent did drop it down a few notch.

Do you have wavy/curly hair? What products do you use to define your curls?

– Chantal 🙂

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