some white nail polish from essie – swatches and review

Hi all!

This is my third and last essie september post and I’m showing this unknown white polish.

The reason why I say it’s an unknown white is because on the bottles it says adore-a-ball, but this colour is NOT adore-a-ball. adore-a-ball is a sheer pink and this polish is a sheer white. After I purchased it and found out it had the wrong name I contacted essie, and after a few back-and-forth emails where they asked for lot number and such they told me I had to call Customer Service. That’s when I gave up. They kindly reimbursed me for the polish, but I never found out what colour I bought.

So here is this mystery sheer white polish…

Small brush, don’t like them, same story…

I knew this polish was sheer when I bought it and that is why I bought it too (so I could make jelly sandwiches). Unfortunately I did not expect it to be patchy, and it even shows more patchy in real life.

It is very shiny though – this is 3 coats and no topcoat.

Do you have a clue what colour I got? essie has a few sheer whites so I really don’t know.

– Chantal 🙂

Every nail polish lover knows the brand Essie. A staple of any collection, September is all about sharing your Essie love. Be sure to head over to, Ivory Avenue, and Writing Whimsy for all the swatches! Don’t forget to play along by tagging your own manicures with the #essieSeptember tag!

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