Réelle Skincare Cleanser and Serum – Review

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Have you ever wondered about snail extract in beauty products? I have, and I got to try some products from Réelle*, your specialist in snail extract skin care.

Here is a bit of information about Réelle:

  • Réelle is a French owned company, based in Thailand.
  • They have their own snail farm and their snails are fed only with natural and organic certified vegetables. They have an easy, happy, lazy life in a fully controlled environment.

Keep on reading to see how these products worked out for me…

Contains 5% Pure Snail Extract

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

Our Réelle’s cleanser will help you clean your pores, making it easier for your coming treatments to penetrate your skin deeply. Its 5% of snail extract will also help you get all the common benefits of the snail secretion: It will start exfoliating your skin and nourish it in addition to its natural collagen and elastin countenance.

The cleanser is in a frosted acrylic bottle (it feels like glass) and feels very fancy. It has a pump dispenser, but it doesn’t pump out much. I use 5 pumps per use.

The product is clear and very thin, but it lathers well. It’s not a crazy lather, but if I use more than 5 pumps then it lathers more and more. I find that 5 pumps is enough though.

This cleanser has a bit of a perfumy scent, but it’s very very mild and I find it pleasant.

It cleanses well too. My face feels clean once I’m done, but not dry and tight like other cleansers can do.

Contains 20% Pure Snail Extract

This serum can be used by all skin types.

Réelle’s Serum is a hydrating serum but is also a very powerful anti-aging serum as well as 20% of snail extract will make it extremely effective.

The serum also comes in an acrylic bottle, like the cleanser, and it’s a frosted brown look.

This one has a fancy eye dropper dispenser.

This product is a bit cloudy and a bit thicker than the cleanser. It also has a very mild perfumy scent that I find pleasant.

This product absorbed very quickly in my skin and helped add the extra moisture that I was lacking from my moisturiser. Even though I have combo/oily skin, I find moisturisers made for combo skin aren’t moisturising enough for me, but I like the mattifying effects that they usually have. So adding this serum before my moisturiser helped take care of the dry/tight feeling I would usually get.

I use 4 drops: on the forehead, on each cheek, and on the upper neck.

Final Thoughts

Both these products feel very fancy with their acrylic bottles, and even their very faint perfumy scents feel fancy.

They both worked well and made my skin feel good.

The cleanser is €27 and the serum is €67 (currently on sale, reg €89). Check out these products and more from Réelle.*

Have you tried products with snail extract before?

– Chantal 🙂

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