My Scent Memory with Demeter ”Sugar Cookie”

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Do certain smells bring back memories of your childhood? For me the smell of sugar cookies does and the Demeter fragrance of Sugar Cookie hits the sweet spot (no pun intended). Keep on reading to find out what memory I have associated with sugar cookies.

During the holidays my mother would always make sugar cookies. In our family we called them “scotch cookies” though, but they’re the same thing (I don’t know where the name came from). She would make a HUGE batch ahead of time and put them in the freezer in the basement. She had these small cookie cutters in the shapes of stars and hearts, and larger ones in diamonds. She would make icing with icing sugar and water, and then put half a maraschino cherry on top (in green or red). My brother and I would always go eat them from the freezer (they’re so good like that) and by the time Christmas dinner came around, half (or more) was already gone! They were just SO GOOD!

Sadly my mother is no longer with us so we don’t get her scotch cookies anymore. I found a recipe which I think was what my mother used so I need to try it. I was hoping to have some done for this post, but my free time seems to disappear for some odd reason… new mom syndrome. 😉 I need to start the tradition with my daughter though.

As for the scent of Demeter “Sugar Cookie”, it smells delicious! It’s not exactly like my mother’s scotch cookies, but it’s close enough that the memory link is there.

As a perfume on me it lasts 6+ hours which I find really good. And I just love getting whiffs of it throughout the day.

Have you tried scents from Demeter? You really need to check out their HUGE scent selection! There are quite a few that I want to try.

What is your holiday scent memory?

– Chantal 🙂

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