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Hello everyone!

Are you ready for my guest this month? Let me introduce you to the beautiful Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love. Our theme this month is Canadian Love so let’s see what she prepared for us…

Hey, everyone! This is Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to guest for Chantal as a part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network! This month’s theme is Canadian Love and I have to admit, I was really excited to participate… until my mind went blank and I couldn’t figure out how I was going to funnel my Canadian love down into one post that was anything but babbles and squeals… Yes, I am very proud to be Canadian!

Anyway, as I was looking through my collection of Canadian beauty products, a theme began to emerge. First, I have a decent number of BITE products by now and am steadily trying to grow that collection. Second, a lot of those products are in the nude and neutral family. Voila! So keep reading to take a look at some of my absolute all time favorite nude lippies, all by Canada’s own BITE Beauty. (Just a quick sidenote – In November 2014, BITE Beauty was acquired by LVMH, but it is still based in Toronto and run by it’s founder, Susanne Langmuir!)

BITE Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo in Musk/Lychee
This was actually my very first BITE purchase and it definitely set me on a road to absolutely loving the brand. This dual ended lipstick contains two different nude shades – Musk, a creamy caramel toned nude, and Lychee, a pale pinky nude with a slight hint of mauve. Musk took a little warming up to for me because those more beigey/browny nudes can be hard on my skintone, but it’s really gorgeous. Lychee had my heart immediately… but it’s the one of the two that is limited in the Luminous Crème formula, which is unfortunate. My only problem with this Duo is that both of the lipsticks broke in the bullet because they’re quite thin and the formula is very soft, so it’s easy for them to just snap as you’re putting them on. The shades and the formula, however, are top knotch!

BITE High Pigment Lip Pencil in Sable
This deluxe size of the High Pigment Lip Pencil came in last year’s holiday kit and has been a staple in my collection ever since. This shade, Sable, is a peachy-pink nude shade that runs a little warmer than Lychee and ever so slightly deeper. It’s also quite a bit more opaque, more than living up to it’s High Pigment claims. This lip pencil is incredibly creamy and smooth, making it easy to apply (especially in this shade where you don’t have to be so careful to stay in the lines) and really comfortable to wear. This is a great every day product.

BITE Luminous Crème Lipstick in Retsina
Of all the lipsticks in my entire collection (and there are too many for sanity) this is absolutely in my top three. Retsina is a true nude shade with just enough hints of mauve/pink that it never comes off like concealer on the lips. The Luminous Créme formula is absolute perfection, as far as I’m concerned. It’s smooth and creamy with a lot of hydration and it glides over the creases in the lips to give a smooth, plump appearance. I’m absolutely in love with this lipstick and will be purchasing a backup sooner than later because mine lives in my purse and is getting used up.

BITE Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glacé
You might say that this isn’t a nude shade… and on light skintones you’d probably be right. However, this mid-toned browny mauve shade would very much be a nude shade on deeper skin tones and reads very neutral and natural even on me with my pasty Scandinavian colouring. I really enjoy BITE’s take on a matte formula because it applies really creamy and smooth and wears quite comfortably on the lips without the dried out aftermath of a lot of matte lip products.

Musk, Lychee, Sable, Retsina, Glacé

So there you have it… Nude in Canada, because that’s how we roll!

I’d really like to thank Chantal for having me and I’d love to hear about your favorite BITE products in the comments!

Thanks for reading

xo, Trysh


I don’t have any products from BITE, but I think I need to fix that soon…! Sable defintely looks like something I would wear. Thank you Trysh!

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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