Lady Queen 3D Flower Nail Art Stickers

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I love nail art, and at times I like for it to be quick and easy. That’s where nail art stickers come in because you peel them off their paper and stick them on your nails – and you’re done! Well, I usually add a topcoat over it, but all things considered they’re the fastest nail art you can do.

Today I’m showing you these 3D Flower Nail Art Stickers from Lady Queen. Keep reading to get my discount code for 15% off your order!

lady queen 3d flower nail art stickers

There are 49 stickers on the sheet – with 2 flower patterns in 3 different sizes each.

lady queen 3d flower nail art stickers

When I was wearing Bioseaweed Gel in Ottawa I noticed that the colours went really well together, so that’s what I used as the base for my stickers. I was going for a flower garden feel so I added flowers everywhere! 🙂

lady queen 3d flower nail art stickers

I added a topcoat over the stickers to make them seamless. You can see the seams in these pictures, but in real life you cannot. This is a gel polish and topcoat and it’s the first time I work with a gel polish so I don’t know if things would have been different if it was a regular topcoat (I have used nail art stickers before and you could barely see the seam – even up close).

Have you heard of Lady Queen before? I had not until they contacted me. They have a HUGE nail art section!

Don’t forget to use my coupon code EVLC15 for 15% off your order!

Have you tried nail art stickers? Would you?

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