October Nail Art Challenge Day 2: Ghosts

Hey guys!

Welcome to day 2 of the October Nail Art Challenge! Today’s theme is ghosts. I kept the black gradient that I did for day 1 and added some ghosts on top, and this is the result.

ghosts nail art

On top of what I used for day 1 I used the following:

  • Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”
  • essence gel top coat
  • Butter London Matte Finish Topcoat
  • Nail art brushes and dotting tools

ghosts nail art

I used brush n° 9 to write BOO on my ring finger and brush n° 10 to paint the ghosts, all using Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”. I used the small tip of the yellow dotter to do the white eyes on my index and the small tip of the blue dotter for the black dots inside the eyes, plus the eyes and mouth on the ghosts (using Sinful Colors “Black on Black”). I used a clear polish to seal in my ring finger, but it created streaks on the BOO so I used essence gel top coat on the other fingers and that one worked great at not streaking. The trick is to apply a really thick layer and only brush down 1-2 times. I then finished it off with a layer of Butter London Matte Finish Topcoat to give it a matte look.

ghosts nail art

I’m really happy with how these turned out! My husband said the ghost on my pinky looks like a ghost from Pac Man and I agree! What do you think?

Come back tomorrow for day 3, and check out the other nail art creations below!

– Chantal 🙂

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