essence ”snow alert!” nail polish

Hi everyone!

Did you buy anything from the essence mountain calling limited edition? I bought all the nail polishes – of course! 🙂 Today I’m showing you the white polish called snow alert! This was the base for my Christmas Gradient Nail Art I posted not too long ago.

essence mountain calling snow alert nail polish

I love the brushes on the essence polishes because they’re wide and thin and they cover the nail in two strokes.

essence mountain calling snow alert nail polish

snow alert! is a beautiful white polish, but formula-wise it doesn’t differ much from most white polishes. With two coats it still felt patchy and steaky so I added a third coat, and I went a bit thick with my third coat to make sure I didn’t need more. It did finish to a beautiful shine and fully levelled. In these pictures I have three coats and no top coat.

I think if I went with thicker coats I could get away with two, but thicker coats can mean messier cuticles and more cleaning up to do. I’m messy when I apply my nail polish. You’d think I’d be a pro by now, but nope, I just clean up really well. 😉

essence mountain calling snow alert nail polish

Taking pictures of white polishes is tricky because if they’re too bright it washes out the polish, so these pictures are a bit darker than what I usually do. Also I wanted you to see the reflections in the polish and how smooth the finish was, so darker pictures were a must. I still think they turned out well, right?

essence mountain calling snow alert nail polish

All in all it’s a great white, but it still requires three coats for full opacity. essence usually has great formulas, but then again most brands seem to have a hard time with their white polishes so this is almost expected from a white polish.

It’s not like I need another white polish cause I think I had like 6 or 7 already, but I just can resist essence‘s limited edition, and I’m still looking for the perfect white polish.

– Chantal 🙂

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  • Ah too bad this isn’t the perfect white, I definitely had hope for essence but this sounds pretty standard. that said, for their price tag can’t resist! you do such a perfect job with cleanup…i am way too lazy. i do zero cleanup haha. you can probably tell!

  • I love white nail polish, but like you said it can be tricky to apply and get it to look “clean” especially around the cuticles. I think the photos came out really nice and it looks super pretty and opaque!