Monthly Empties: February 2016

Hi everyone!

Another month is ending so it’s time to look at my beauty trash again! 🙂 Let’s see what I finished in February…

monthly empties february 2016

Green light - loved it = Loved it!
Orange light - it's okay = It’s okay.
Red light - dislike = Dislike!
No rating = No rating.
(Links are to my past reviews.)

Once again I won’t say much on repeat items because I obviously repurchase them for a reason. 🙂


monthly empties february 2016 body

Arbonne – FC5 Invigorating Body Cleanser Green light - loved it REPEAT ITEM!

Arbonne – Pineapple Papaya Body Lotion Green light - loved it This was from the 2015 Holiday collection and it smells YUMMY! It’s thinner than the FC5 Body Cleanser above (which is my regular body wash) and I needed more to get the same amount of lather, but it smelled so good that I wish I had bought some backups.

Dove – Go Fresh Cool Essentials Anti-Perspirant in Cucumber & Green Tea Green light - loved it REPEAT! This has been my go-to for YEARS, but I’m currently trying a deodorant (no aluminium), not an anti-perspirant, so we’ll see if I buy this one again.


monthly empties february 2016 face

Arbonne – Clear Future Mattifying Acne Treatment Lotion Green and orange light - it's ok This lotion hydrated more than I expected (since it’s mattifying), but I only used it at night because it does not have SPF in it. It worked great and I have nothing bad to say about it, but I just can’t give it a full green light. I think that as much as I want to clear my acne, I prefer anti-aging products for night time.

Arbonne – Clear Future Corrective Acne Treatment Pads Green light - loved it REPEAT! I use these at night as my exfoliator.

Bioré – Ultra Nose Strip Red light - dislike I usually love these, but for some reason this strip barely took out any blackheads – even though I had a bunch that were ready to come out.

Delon – Premium Cotton Rounds Green light - loved it REPEAT! I have a pack of 8 so you’ll be seeing these again!


monthly empties february 2016 hair

Not Your Mother’s – Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream Orange light - it's okay This smelled wonderful! It’s infused with grape seed & jasmine and I found it had the perfect mix of purple grapes and jasmine, and neither scent overpowered the other. As far as curl defining, it only really worked if I let my hair air dry so I really didn’t use it often (I’ve had this for like three years).

Maple Holistics – Silk 18 Conditioner Green light - loved it This smelled SO GOOD and was a great conditioner.

Tigi – Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier Green light - loved it REPEAT! This was my #1 product for my long curly hair, but I won’t be repurchasing it since I don’t need it with my new do.


monthly empties february 2016 makeup

Holika Holika – Magic Pole Mascara in Long & Curl (Waterproof) Orange light - it's okay This is the elongating version of my holy grail mascara so I decided to try it to see how it would be. It has the same deep black effect and it does not give me raccoon eyes, but it has fibres for the “long” effect so it flaked on me.

That’s it! I didn’t think I’d have this many products this month, but it’s funny how they accumulate quickly all of a sudden.

Have you tried any of these? What did you finish this month?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

  • When my hair was longer I used to use Curls Rock all the time. I loved how it made my hair wavy without being crunchy. I used that same Dove anti-perspirant for years! I still love the smell of it 🙂

    • I loved Curls Rock for how good it kept my curls, even in crazy winds! And that Dove anti-perspirant smells amazing! 🙂

  • Great post! I find that with the nose strips how much they take out depends on how wet the strip is. That’s why I quickly run the strip under the tap and then place it on the nose. Although sometimes I find that you have to use two strips at a time to get good results – the first strip to open the pores and the second to take the blackheads out. Have you tried the nose strips from The Face Shop? I’ve been told they are better than the Bioré ones.

    • Ooh I’ve never thought of using two nose strips one after the other, I’ll have to try that next time. I have not tried TFS strips either, I’ll have to look them up, thanks! 🙂

  • Flaky mascara are the worst! Good job finishing those hair care items! Those take me the longest as I only use them sproadically haha

    • Yes flakes are the worst!
      I used the Tigi product daily so I would usually go through at least two a year! I needed products in my hair when it was long… and I still do now that it’s short, but they are different products now – obviously! 🙂

  • I have the same problem with my Bioré nose strips..I think it’s because they’ve been sitting in my drawers for a year already. But i have so many of them I feel like it’s a waste to buy more.

    • You know what? I was thinking the same thing about my nose strip – I’ve had it for so long that I thought it might have just expired or something.

      • Yeah. The worst part about the “expired” nose strip is probably getting the sticky stuff that has been left on your nose after peeling the rest off….