Convertibles Pantyhose by Glogover Hosiery

Pantyhose, we all have at least one pair, right? Or maybe not, or maybe more, depending on your needs. Today I’m sharing with you a pair that will suit many scenarios from wearing open-toe shoes to getting a pedicure! Say what?!? That’s right, with the Convertibles Pantyhose ($18 USD) by Glogover Hosiery you can cover your feet, or not depending on what your outfit requires.

Convertibles Pantyhose by Glogover Hosiery

The main feature of these pantyhose is that they have an exclusive patented seamless toe flap so you can wear them three ways: cover your toes, expose your toes (wearing open-toe shoes?), or roll them up to expose your entire feet. The flap is on both sides so there is no front or back to these pantyhose (like any regular pantyhose).

I would have showed these on my feet, but they’re skinny and bony and veiny so I figured my hand was better for this demonstration. It’s just as skinny and bony and veiny as my feet, lol! But I just feel more comfortable showing you my hand. 🙂

Convertibles Pantyhose by Glogover Hosiery

These also feature a soft waistband for a better fit; a comfortable, shape enhancing control top panty; a cool cotton crotch that replaces undergarment; pull-resistent woven 20 DEN yarn that always remains resilient; all-day fit and comfort; a silky smooth yarn that lets your skin breathe; and gradual compression.

Convertibles Pantyhose by Glogover Hosiery
I don’t wear nylons all that often because I hate that feeling when they start dragging down and they’re sagging at your crotch – you know what I mean? IT DRIVES ME UP THE WALL!!! That being said, I can happily say that I have not experienced that issue with these Convertibles. They’re a bit tight to pull up when you put them on, but once in place they’re comfortable and they stay in place.

Convertibles Pantyhose by Glogover Hosiery

They have a light sheen to them that gives a healthy glow to your legs and I love how they even out my skin tone. I have what I call translucent skin because you can see all my veins underneath, but with these, bye bye veins!

The Convertibles Pantyhose come in two colours (nude and black) and in four sizes. Check them out!

Do you wear pantyhose? What do you think of these?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

  • I love the convertible idea – very neat. I’m definitely not a pantyhose wearer though. Freaking hate the feeling of them!

    • It’s a great idea! For me it’s the crotch situation that drove me nuts, but with these I can not freak out, lol!

  • Ahhhh that’s such a smart idea! What a great product. You look so happy in the photos – stunning!

    • Thank you Andy! 🙂 I was laughing cause the chair kept slowly turning towards the camera exposing “me”, lol!
      I love the flap idea. When I wear them with boots I can actually roll them up and put socks on. I find nylons make my feet sweat and I hate that.

  • these are so neat! living in SoCal i am so used to going everywhere in flip-flops almost year round! =)

    • It must be nice to wear flip-flops pretty much year round! But if you need to wear nylons, with these ones you can still wear flip-flops! 🙂