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Taking on Hair Loss: Expert Destroys the Taboo of Hair Pieces and Wigs

Millions of women wear wigs or hair pieces as a way of experimenting with their personal style, or because they’re dealing with hair loss as a result of illness or chemotherapy. And yet talking about wigs often feels awkward and uncomfortable. There are no resources for women looking for tips on choosing the best wig — that is, until now.

Enter veteran makeup artist and hair stylist Jeanna Doyle and her new book, Wig ED: What To Look For When Looking For a Wig. She has over 25 years working in medical and media settings and is the founder of nonprofit Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically).

Visit Wiged.com for more information.

Nisim International Partners with Angel Hair for Kids™ Providing Wigs for Children in Need

Nisim International is excited to continue their partnership with Angel Hair for Kids™, a Canadian charity dedicated to supplying wigs for children in need who have lost their hair as a result of medication, cancer, alopecia or burns. Nisim has recruited over 60 Canadian salons to offer free haircuts to those willing to donate their hair for these wigs. With each haircut, Nisim gifts a free bottle of their FAST Shampoo and Conditioner to the participant.

A complete list of participating salons can be found online at nisiminc.ca.

Visit www.acvf.ca to find out more about Angel Hair for Kids™ and donation information.

Awesome News from WH: Women’s Body Dissatisfaction Has Decreased by 28%

According to research presented at the American Psychological Association convention in August, women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies has decreased over the past 31 years.

The research, a meta-analysis, caused a collective cheer across the web as it was picked up by dozens of news outlets, all reporting the same thing: Body dissatisfaction declined by 3.3 points. That stat was widely reported in the media, and it inspired a beautiful feature in Women’s Health December issue titled “Body and Soul and Skin Like This” (pg. 126), which discusses how taking care of your body can improve your relationship with it.

Women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies has decreased 28% over the past 31 years.

Read more on how Women’s Health uncovered this number.

The Best Face Moisturizer

Looking to try a new moisturizer? Reviews.com, a website dedicated to conducting unbiased reviews on products, researched 219 face moisturizers and here’s what they found.