#FaceMaskFebruary Week 2 ft. For Beloved Girl, Maskingdom, Masque BAR, Oh K!, The Crème Shop

facemaskfebruary week 2 selfies

Welcome to week two of #FaceMaskFebruary where I do a sheet mask every single day this month. If you missed week one, go check out the recap. And now on to week two… I always do my face masks at night during my evening skincare routine. Before doing all of these masks I cleaned my …

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A month of sheet masks #CBBGetsSheetFaced – week 2 review (FOOD week)

cbbgetssheetfaced week 2 food selfies

In case you missed my recap of week 1 and you have no clue what’s going on, this February I’m doing one sheet mask per day along with Jayne (Cosmetic Proof) and Renee (See the World in PINK). Our theme for week 2 was FOOD, let’s take a look at the masks I tried… Day …

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