Rafiki Bracelets from ME to WE

I first heard about ME to WE earlier this year, but I can’t remember where. I feel like it was from a fellow blogger, but for the life of me I just can’t remember. After reading up on them I really like what they do. By purchasing ME to WE products you help provide water, education, healthcare, and food for children around the world. Each bracelet provides one of these needs to one child for one month. The bracelets are also made by women in Kenya, which in turn helps them support their families.

ME to WE bracelets

ME to WE currently has a pop-up store at the Rideau Centre so I stopped by the last time I was there. I wanted some bracelets so I went to take a look at their selection and left with these two that you see in this post. They have a lot of options with all different colours, and you can even make your own while you’re there.

Every bracelet comes with a code so you can see where you purchase is providing help. My blue Rafiki provides clean water for one month to a child in Los Rios, Equador, and my red Rafiki provides a healthy lunch for one month to a child in Kipsongol, Kenya.

ME to WE bracelets

These Rafiki are made with colourful glass beads threaded onto a stretchy 48″ cord. You can wear them however you want: as a bracelet, necklace, anklet, headband and more! I’ve only worn them as bracelets so far and I love how they look! I like how they kind of overlap when you’re wearing them, making them look like they’re all one piece.

ME to WE bracelets

I love my bracelets and I will definitely buy more! The purchase makes you feel good because you’re helping a child in need, and I simply love how they look.

ME to WE bracelets

Find out more about ME to WE and see all the products they sell.

These would make great gifts or stocking stuffers. At $10 CAD each you can get a bunch for all your friends!

– Chantal 🙂

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