Adventures in Makeup – Intro

Happy Saturday!

Today I’m starting an new post series called “Adventures in Makeup”. Why? Cause I don’t wear makeup and I don’t know how to apply it. When go to an event I always do the same eye makeup cause it’s the only thing I know how to do.

The camera picked up a few stray hairs that you don’t really see in normal light. Oops! 🙂 Anywhoo…

When I’ll have weekends where I won’t need to leave the house I will play with makeup. I will try some tutorials from Youtube, blogs, wherever I can find them, and I will share them with you whether they are a success or a fail. Practice makes perfect, right?

These posts will not happen on a weekly basis. Sometimes they might, but it will all depend on when I have a free day.

For today’s post I will show you my usual routine and the products I use.

I had purchased the eyeshadows on etsy and when I went to look into the company today for this post I found out that they are no longer there, and I found articles about fraud when I googled them. So no product preview for those.

Instead of showing you the products I’ll just describe the colours. On my upper lash line and halfway through my lower lash line I apply a chocolate colour, and on the entire lid and crease it’s a beige colour that I blend in with the chocolate line. Both are shimmery.

I use the MAC 266 Small Angle Brush for the lash line colour and the Quo Crease Blender Brush for the lid colour.

My mascara is Kiss Me Ultra Volume Mascara by Blinc. This is a tube mascara and I really like it. It’s ideal for oily skin, it does not run like other mascaras can.

And that’s it! Pretty simple huh?

If you know of good blogs or tutorials that can help me in my adventures please share them.

– Chantal 🙂

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