GOSH “Miss Minty” – Swatches and Review


I broke 2 nails last weekend so I had to trim my nails bit shorter than I usually do. I was kind of bummed about it so I chose a polish colour that would lift up my mood and this one sure hit the spot, I love it! Turns out I actually love this nail length too so I will keep it for a while until I need a reminder of what longer nails feel like. 🙂

Miss Minty is a nice creamy mint green that leans towards turquoise.

The brush is normal size but the brush wand it a bit short.

The formula of this polish is thin, but it dries fast. I only put 2 coats (with a thick 2nd coat) but if you prefer 3 thin coats you won’t have to wait long between coats for your polish to dry. By the time I was done applying my first coat I was able to immediately start on my 2nd because they were already dry.

I then finished it off with Nubar Diamont top coat.

This is the first GOSH polish that I try and I love it! I’m looking forward to trying out the other colours I have.

I love this colour, I find it goes well with my skin tone. What do you think of this colour?

– Chantal 🙂

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