Easter Water Marble Nail Art

Happy Easter!

When I think of Easter colours, yellow, pink and purple are what come to mind. I don’t know why, but to me those three colours together mean Easter. No pastel blue or green, just pink, purple and yellow.

I’ve been wanting to try a water marble for the longest time so I decided to try it for Easter with those 3 colours. I also used my new nail station for the first time, love it!

For this I used:

  • OPI Nail Envy as base coat;
  • China Glaze Snow x2 coats as base colour;
  • Water marble in:
    • Essence Destination Sunshine;
    • Joe Fresh Pink;
    • Joe Fresh Lavender;
  • China Glaze Fairy Dust.

I then finished it off with GOSH Matte Effect Top Coat.

I spent a LOT of time doing these nails – between 3 and 4 hours! Sometimes I would take a bit too long doing the drops in the water and when I would pull the polish to do the marble it would all come along and ruin it, so I would start over. Other times I just didn’t like how the marble turned out so I would scrap it and start over. I would say I did the marbling 14 or 15 times in total.

Oh, and I bumped my middle finger inside the glass, that’s why there’s a white spot on the tip.

I got lots of air bubbles on my nails and I think it’s because I took my fingers out of the water too fast. Adding CG Fairy Dust on top did help “hide” some of the bubbles, but not all of them. They don’t really show in real life though so it’s all good, but the finish is a bit bumpy.

I added a matte top coat because I find mattifying nail art makes it stand out better (depending on what you do). It still dried a bit shiny though and I don’t know why. My right hand is more matte. Oh well.

This was my first time trying a water marble and other than taking a
CRAZY amount of time I think these turned out pretty darn good! 🙂

Here are my notes for next time I do this, in case it can help you too:

  • Use a smaller glass (I will try with a shot glass);
  • Take your fingers out of the water slowly to avoid air bubbles;
  • If air bubbles occur, remove the bumps with Gelous or a few layers of top coat (like you would for a glitter mani).

Have you tried a water marble yet?

– Chantal 🙂

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