Adventures in Makeup: Dramatic Eyes for Halloween

Good evening all!

How’s this Monday treatin’ ya?

Today I’m sharing my eye makeup that I did to go with my Halloween costume. Some of you might look at this and think “she calls this dramatic“? Well, yes, yes I do! My daily eye routine consists of a little bit of eyeshadow as liner to create a soft line and add a little definition to my eyes, and mascara. So for me this is dramatic. 🙂

For some reason my camera seems to tone down the eyeshadow colours when I do closeups, everything seems so light in these pictures. Or maybe it’s just because they’re closeups. I think you can see that it’s a bit darker than that when you look at the full face pictures further below.

I just realized that in the lid picture above I’m looking down instead of closing my eyes and it looks like my entire eyes are black. Fitting since it’s for a Halloween look, lol!

Here are the products I used to create this look:

What I did was:

  • For my upper lids I used MAC “Print” on the outer corners, the Hard Candy grey in the middle, MAC “White Frost” in the inner corners, and the Hard Candy white all over to add shimmer (cause it shimmers more than the MAC);
  • Then on my lower lids I went with Hard Candy grey on the outside and Hard Candy white on the inside, blended in the middle;
  • I used Holika Holika mascara on my upper lashes and Pixi on my lower lashes (the brush is easier for lower lashes);
  • And to finish I lined my water line, and a bit of the upper outer line, with the Anabelle kohl liner.
  • Oh, and used the Chella brow pencil on my brows! 🙂

I love how it turned out!

Here’s a washroom picture before I put on my costume.

And here’s one of the few closeups with my costume. I was being silly and doing jazz hands (tee-hee).

Even though this is more than my usual amount of makeup, I absolutely loved it! I might try to ump up my daily eye makeup a bit and have more fun with it.

What do you consider dramatic when it comes to eye makeup?

– Chantal 🙂

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