Busy Girl Nails Fall Nail Art Challenge Week 1 – Antique Gold

Hey there!

It’s Friday, yay! For us Canadians this is our Thanksgiving weekend so we have Monday off. Plus my birthday is on Tuesday and I booked the day off so I have an extra long weekend, whoohoo!!! 😀

Today after work I bought my Halloween costume and I can’t wait to wear it! You’ll have to wait until then to find out what it is though…! :p

This week is week one of the Busy Girl Nails Fall Nail Art Challenge and the theme is Antique Gold.

I don’t own many gold polishes (2 to be exact) and I remember thinking that Essence “My Sunny Side” might work well for stamping, so I decided to give it a try for this theme.

Here’s what I used for this nail art, in order:

  • OPI “Nail Envy” as base coat
  • Wet n Wild “Darkest Hour” as base colour on all fingers except ring finger – 2 coats
  • Essence “My Sunny Side” as base colour on ring finger only – 2 coats
  • Butter London “Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat ” – 1 coat
  • Stamping with plate Bundle Monster BM-306 in both “Black” and “My Sunny Side” (on alternate colours)

Note: do NOT put a top coat over your stamp because it will smudge it all, which I’ve learned the hard way in the past. That is why I put a top coat over my base colour before I stamp.

I decided to go with this stamp because I felt that it had an antique vibe, which kinda fits with this theme’s colour.

“My Sunny Side” is a bit more bright that what antique gold should be (which is more of a dark yellow) but as a stamp over the black I find that it makes the perfect antique gold. I think adding a top coat over the gold would have ruined the effect as well. Like this, the black is super shiny and the gold has a rusty feel to it, it’s just perfect!

I’m extremely happy with how they turned out!

What do you think?

– Chantal 🙂

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