J.Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick in Honeycrisp – Review

Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing this J.Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick in Honeycrisp that I received in my September Ipsy Glam Bag.

Feel fantabulous with this gorgeous creamy nude flesh-toned shade of lipstick.

This is my first time trying a nude lipstick like this and the effect sure is interesting.

First off I only applied it to half of my mouth so you can see how it “hides” my natural lip colour.

As you can see the shade is pretty darn close to my skin tone.  This up close you can see that it’s slightly different, but from afar it completely hides my lips.

Where did my lips go???  :p

This lipstick feels very creamy and nice.  I ate a banana and drank some water after putting it on and even though some of it came off a bit, it still looked like I just applied it.  Given that it’s a creamy lip stick it will transfer onto things though and you would need to reapply every 2-3 hours, depending on how much your drink or eat.

This product has a very pleasant sweet smell, but you only smell it if you sniff the product directly.  I don’t notice it once it’s on my lips.

This is definitely not a colour I’m used to wearing, but I could see it paired with dramatic eyes or worn over a dark lipstick.  And since I didn’t have that much makeup to start with it’s always nice to get things I wouldn’t normally buy because you just never know when you might need it.

Have you tried a nude that matched your skin tone?

– Chantal 🙂

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