Dynamite ”Cassis” – Swatches and Review

Hello everybody!

Have you noticed how more and more clothing store carry their own polish lines now? Sometimes when I go to the mall I go into stores just to see if and what polishes they have, hehe!

One store that I do love to shop at is Dynamite. I love their pants like their straight leg career pant and their basic bootcut pant – they’re perfect for work! And the last time I was there I noticed that they had nail polish as well, so obviously I had to buy some! This one is called Cassis.

These are smaller bottles at 7ml. The brush is round and it works well.

This polish is a beautiful dark plum colour. The formula is a jelly and it’s self-leveling, but a bit streaky. It does have a beautiful shiny finish on its own though. In these pictures I have 3 coats of polish and NO top coat.

I love dark vampy colours like this; there’re my favourites!

I absolutely love this colour! Even though it was a bit streaky, with 3 coats you can’t see them anymore. And look at that beautiful finish!

In case you’re wondering if this colour stained my nails; I always wear a base coat so I rarely get any staining and this colour was no exception – no stains!

These are $3.90 each or 3 for $10 (CAD) at Dynamite.

Have you tried their nail polishes? Is this your kind of colour?

– Chantal 🙂

Base coat: OPI “Nail Envy”

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