Rainbow Honey ”Pot O’ Gil” – Swatches and Review

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Are you going out to celebrate with some green beer today? Have one for me if you do! 🙂

I was hoping to do some nail art for today, but with the pregnancy I never know when I’ll need to go to the washroom and sitting down for 1-2 hours doing my nails is just not feasible anymore. But then I remembered I have this nail polish from Rainbow Honey that I never wore and it was their limited edition polish from March of last year, and I remembered it having a name related to St Paddy’s Day. So off to my untrieds drawer I went and here it is! This is Pot O’ Gil.

The brush is the typical round brush and it’s a good size that works well.

Pot O’ Gil is a mix of golden coins, shimmer, and green and gold glitters in a clear base. It’s mean to be layered over other colours, but I used it by itself.

I used 3 layers of Pot O’ Gil followed by 2 layers of top coat to give it a nice smooth finish. I find it still built up nicely on its own, and even though there is a wee bit of visible nail line, you can’t tell in real life. My nails just look like golden jewels encrusted with emeralds. So shiny!

I have to admit that I thought this polish would be a bit more green given how it looks in the bottle, but since it’s a pot of gold it makes sense that it’s more golden. That being said, I like the tone of the gold (it’s a cool tone) – even though it doesn’t quite go well with my skin tone (especially since my hand is bloodshot in these pictures, lol).

And, you know what a glitter polish means right? MACRO SHOT!

Unfortunately this polish is no longer available, but Rainbow Honey sometimes re-releases limited editions so you might be able to snag it when they do that.

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Did you do some special look for today?

– Chantal 🙂

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