Jamberry Nail Wraps in ”Mint & Emerald Tiger” – Review

Hey everyone!

* Product provided for review. *

Have you heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps before? This is a home-based business, like Mary Kay or PartyLite, but for nail wraps!

I’ve tried nail wraps before, but the Jamberry Nail Wraps are a little bit different than the ones you get at drugstores and mass retailers.

Today I’m showing you their design called Mint & Emerald Tiger. Keep on reading to find out how these work and what I thought of them.

The nail wraps come on a clear plastic film (which you obviously can’t see in this next picture). The wraps are meant to be cut in the middle so you can use the same size twice – unless you have really loooong nails. 🙂

The sample I received has 9 wraps on it, but the full sheets have 18 wraps on them. That should give you enough for at least 3 or 4 uses (depending on if you do a mani or a pedi).

How to apply:

  1. Clean unpolished nails with alcohol wipes and push back the cuticles.
  2. Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail wrap that best fits.
  3. Peel off nail wrap and warm with a mini heater or blow-dryer for 3-5 seconds or until soft and flexible.
  4. When warm, press the wrap onto the nail. Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the wrap to the nail. Use rubber cuticle pusher to seal the wrap around the base of the cuticle.
  5. Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining wrap using a downward motion to remove excess.
  6. Apply heat and pressure to the wrap again until it is bonded to the nail.

So, the difference with these wraps is that you heat them up to apply them. Here’s what I used:

I forgot to look at the time to see how long it took me. It was definitely under 30 minutes, but how long exactly, I really can’t say.

And the result:

I wasn’t able to get the wraps completely flat on my index and middle finger, but they still applied very easily.

I like the colour and patten of these wraps, they were fun to wear.

After 3 days of wear they were starting to lift a bit at the tips so that’s when I removed them.

For removal you can either (a) heat the wraps with a blow-dryer for 15 seconds and slowly peel off from side to side, or (b) soak the nail wraps in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off.

I heated up the first 2-3 wraps/fingers, and then I tried removing one without heating it up and found that it came off just the same. So I just peeled the rest of them off. There was a little bit of glue residue left behind, but acetone on a cotton pad quickly took care of that.

I love doing my nails so I would never do nail wraps full time, but some wraps have beautiful and intricate designs that I would not be able to do myself so once in a while I don’t mind them.

As I mentioned earlier Jamberry is a home-based business. If you are interested in signing up with Jamberry Canada please email Jenna at iheartnailwraps@gmail.com. She will then arrange a phone call and answer any question you may have. Check out the Jamberry site to see all their patterns.

Have you tried Jamberry Nail Wraps before? What about nail wraps in general? What do you think about them?

– Chantal 🙂

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