Mask Monday: Montagne Jeunesse ”Dead Sea Mud Spa” Face Mask Sheet

Hi all!

For today’s Mask Monday I’m showing you the Montagne Jeunesse “Dead Sea Mud Spa” Face Mask Sheet that I won in a giveaway from Laura at Beyond Blush. Thank you Laura! 🙂

Breathe life back into skin with intensely invigorating & revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. We’ve harvested the oceans nutrient rich Seaweed & Kelp right from the source – A satisfying boost for thirsty skin & then some!


I find this product smells like a product for men, like a spiced body wash or something like that. It’s fresh, but definitely manly in my opinion.

The Mask

The mask is a cloth mask infused with real mud, dead sea & sea kelp (plus other good stuff). The end product has a mint colour to it.

I’m – too sexy for my mask – too sexy for my mask!  LOL! 😉


This mask feels great! It has this cooling effect that is really refreshing. It could definitely be used as a dual-purpose item on hot summer days or when you have a headache.


I’ve only used this once so I don’t know if it would have any benefits if used regularly, but I can say that my face felt really smooth after I rinsed it off.

My face actually felt cool to the touch afterwards too. I also found that the cooling effect toned down the redness in my face, but that only lasted as long as my face remained cool (maybe 5-10 mins), once it warmed up again the redness came back.

You do need to rinse your face after using this mask because it leaves a mint coloured residue behind. After that I added my regular moisturiser and my face felt great for the rest of the night.

Final Thoughts

This was my first time trying a sheet mask from Montagne Jeunesse and I really liked it. I love sheet face masks and this one worked great!

Have you tried the sheet face masks from Montagne Jeunesse?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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