Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Crystal Kiss – Review

Hey everyone!

Maybelline is the Canadian Beauty Bloggers’ Featured Brand for November so I decided to buy one of their raved about Baby Lips lip balm to try out. I got the Crystal Kiss scent/colour.

Do I agree with all the hype? Keep on reading to find out…

The one I bought is part of their Crystal line, which is described as: Clinical Care + Kiss of Shimmer. Gives lips the right amount of tint, shimmer, and moisture up to 8HRs.

It has tiny glitters in it. It does not turn your lips into a glitter party though, it’s very very subtle.

These are tinted, but the one I bought is a light pink so it does not show on the lips – it only adds shine plus a very very subtle shimmer.

This one has a very light citrus scent that is quite pleasant, but I only notice it if I smell the product directly – it’s not noticeable on my lips.

Does it give my lips moisture up to 8HRs? No. As the day went on my lips seemed to be slowly getting dryer between application, which is not something I want from a lip balm.

So for me this product did not work out. It’s not a bad lip balm, but I guess I just expected more given all the hype around them.

Have you tried these? What are you thoughts on them?

– Chantal 🙂

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