Skin Envy Sugar & Beeswax Strips and Smoothing Spray Lotion – Review

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Hair removal is something that most women do on a regular basis. Do you shave or wax? I usually get my legs waxed once a month, and in the summertime I do it myself in between visits cause my leg hairs grow fast and they’re dark.

That wasn’t exactly the case this summer though since after giving birth in June I didn’t leave the house that often so my legs got quite hairy. But I still got to try out these products so let’s see how they worked out for me…

sugar & beeswax strips

I’ve tried many brands of wax strips before and they all work the same: you warm them up in your hands (or between your thighs – bigger surface, lol!) and then you separate the 2 sheets that are facing each other, then you apply to your legs and rip ’em off!

This package comes with 30 strips (15 x 2) and 4 wipes that help remove the leftover wax from your legs.

I usually wax my legs, but after giving birth I shaved them 3 times (I was trying out a razor). My legs are usually not this hairy because when you wax, your leg hairs get thinner (since you always yank out the roots) and they start growing in waves, so from one month to the other you don’t necessarily have the same amount of hairs growing. But after shaving my legs 3 times, ALL my leg hairs were grown and they were thick (cause that’s what shaving does to leg hairs).

Here’s a before and after picture so you can see how these wax strips worked (click on the picture to enlarge it).

There are still some hairs left here and there, but it removed a pretty darn good amount considering the condition that my legs were in (as I explained above).

smoothing spray lotion

After you’re done waxing your legs you can’t just apply any kind of lotion – some of them will burn because it’s like you have hundreds of mini open wounds on your legs. Here’s where the smoothing spray lotion comes in.

This lotions is specially formulated with Argain Oil & Vitamin E … to help nourish & hydrate your skin leaving you with a radiantly smooth, toned finish.

It has has a thin consistency and it’s white.

This one has a light nutty scent that I really like. I only notice it when I smell it directly though, once it’s on my legs I don’t smell it anymore.

It feels good on my legs in the sense that it doesn’t burn at all. It also makes my legs feel soft and smooth.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried many wax strips before and although I have yet to find some that remove ALL hairs, these ones are the best I’ve tried so far. I usually buy home wax kits though (the kind you melt in the microwave and apply with a stick), but if you’re a fan of wax strips then you need to try these.

The lotion worked really well so I will definitely keep using that one after my wax sessions.

The sugar & beeswax strips retail for $15.99 CAD and the smoothing spray lotion for $10.99. You can buy them on FarlyCo, and they also list the retailers that carries them.

Do you shave or wax your legs? And what products do you use?

– Chantal 🙂

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