Demeter Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition – Review

Hey everyone!

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Today I’m sharing with you the Demeter Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition which contains Log Cabin, Fireplace and Christmas Tree.

You might be thinking “But, Chantal, Christmas is over”. Well, these scents to me are not necessarily Christmas specific, but more like a winter escape. Let’s take a look…

Log Cabin
How do I describe this one… it has a nice woodsy scent, but at the same time a bit musty. I’ve never been in a log cabin before, but when I close my eyes and smell this one I can imagine being in one because the scent feels like that’s what it would smell like.

I grew up in a house with a fireplace in the living room and a wood-burning stove in the basement. In the winter the stove was on 95% of the time and I miss coming home and smelling that burnt wood smell. I find this scent smells like ashes. But I don’t find it’s old stale ashes, it’s more like fresh ones, like the fire was just put out.

Christmas Tree
I don’t think we ever had a real Christmas tree in our house growing up, and if we did I was too young to remember. This scent smells like a conifer, but I’m really not the best to say if it smells like a Christmas tree or not (since there are different kind of trees that people use). According to other reviews though it really does.

To me all these scents make me feel like I’m in a cabin deep in the forest on a cold winter night, and I’m sitting by the fireplace under a warm and cozy blanket.

If you need a getaway but can’t afford one (time, money, kids, etc.), this scent trio will sure do the trick!

Individually these are $20, but the set is $45 so you save $15, which is almost 3 for the price of 2. How awesome is that?!?

Would you be able to relate to these scents? Any memories come to mind?

– Chantal 🙂

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