I Love… ”Raspberry & Blackberry” bubble bath and shower crème, and ”Strawberries & Cream” body butter – Review

Hi all!

* Products provided for review. *

Have you tried any I Love… products? I was sent the Raspberry & Blackberry bubble bath and shower crème and the Strawberries & Cream body butter to try out so let me tell you about these…

Raspberry & Blackberry bubble bath and shower crème

I love raspberries and blackberries and often buy both for snacks or to add to yogourt so you can believe me when I say that this bath product smells like a bowl of fresh berries. It’s absolutely wonderful!

As a Shower Crème
I first tried this product in the shower with my bath poof and it was just okay. It’s kinda thin/liquidy and I found I had to add more – a few times – to keep the lather going so I could wash my entire body.

As a Bubble Bath
For a bubble bath it works well. We have a corner bath (which is bigger than a regular bath) so I put in 4 capfulls to get some good bubbles going. They didn’t last too long though, by the end of my 20 minute bath the bubbles were all gone. But it sure smelled good, I felt like I was soaking in a bath filled with raspberries and blackberries.

Strawberries & Cream body butter

This body butter smells yummy! It definitely has strawberries in it, and I find it has a bit of a milky undertone.

The texture is not as thick as what I associate with a body butter, but it has a nice consistency.

Even though it doesn’t feel as heavy as body butters usually do, it still hydrates really well and keeps my skin feeling soft all day long.

Final Thoughts

Both these products smell DELICIOUS and I definitely want to check out the other scents in the I Love… range.

These products both retail for $9.99 CAD and are exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix, but you can find out more about them on FarleyCo.

Have you tried these yet?

– Chantal 🙂

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