Mask Monday: Skinfood Everyday Tomato Facial Mask Sheet

Hi everyone!

It’s Mask Monday time again and today’s mask is the Skinfood Everyday Tomato Facial Mask Sheet.

A non-greasy mask that contains tomato extract, and helps smooth and purify skin.


This mask does not smell like tomatoes, but it has a faint perfumy scent that I find very pleasant.

The Mask

This is the first sheet mask I use that has a pattern in it, it’s pretty. It’s quite wet and slippery though so I can’t move my face too much or it slides down.


This mask felt good. My forehead was red after removal though and I don’t know why. It didn’t burn or hurt or anything, it was just red. It did go away eventually.

It was not hydrating enough so once I was done massaging in the serum from the mask I had to add moisturiser.

Final Thoughts

This mask felt good and my face felt nice afterwards. But the redness was odd and I guess I’m used to moisturising facial mask sheets so adding moisturiser after just adds an extra step that I’m not used to. I’m lazy. 😉

I bought this mask in a set of 5 from RoseRoseShop.

Have you tried facial mask sheets from Skinfood?

– Chantal 🙂

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