The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Products Review

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* Products provided for review. *

The Body Shop recently launched a new limited edition Smoky Poppy collection and I have a few products to show you. Let’s check them out…!


The Smoky Poppy scent is wonderful! I’m not familiar with the scent of poppies, but I can say that the scent of these products smells like real flowers; it’s not a fake flowery smell. It also has a dark sultry side to it, which makes it different than fresh floral scents. This is definitely a sensual floral scent.

Poppy Seed Scrub

This scrub scrubs really well! The poppy seeds give it a nice grit and you can feel them as you scrub along. They also leave a black polka dot effect at the bottom of your shower/tub when you rinse it off, and you have to swish the water around a few times to get them all down the drain, but that’s just a little detail. 🙂

It does leave an oily residue on your skin though so if you’re not a fan of that (like me) I would suggest following up with the shower gel.

Shower Gel

This shower gel works wonderfully! It lathers really well and leaves a nice subtle scent on your body.

It’s dark green in colour – something I was not expecting!

It’s a hydrating shower gel so it leaves your skin feeling smooth – no that squeaky clean feeling you sometimes get from products (I’m not a fan of the squeaky feeling anyway so this is perfect for me).

Body Butter

This body butter works awesomly! It is for normal skin so it’s not as heavy as some other TBS body butters can be, but for me it’s perfect. It keeps my skin feeling smooth and soft all day long with a nice scent that fades away slowly.

Massage Oil

This is a massage oil, but it can also double as a body oil. Since it is meant for massages it is oily (not a dry oil) so you have to massage it in, but after a few minutes you’ll feel it start to absorb into your skin. I can see it working well for massages though.

This oil will also leave a light sheen on your skin, which I love on my legs when I wear skirts, it just seems to light them up and give them extra oomph.

This is a great collection and I’m really enjoying this scent!

My favourite products are the shower gel and body butter. I don’t usually use body scrubs because I use exfoliating gloves with my shower gel, but I have tried a few scrubs before and this one is definitely one of the best I’ve tried. As for massage oils, that is a new territory for me. I’ll be using this one as a body oil – especially this summer to highlight body parts (as I mentioned above).

Have you tried anything from the new Smoky Poppy collection?

– Chantal 🙂

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