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Have you heard about the teatox trend going around lately? I’ve been seeing ads for multiple brands for quite a while so I was very excited when I was asked to try Purgo Tea because I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about. Did it work for me? Keep on reading to find out!

purgo tea detox

I received the 14 day program to try out – they also have a 28 day program.

Morning Detox

The first part of the program is the Morning Detox tea that you drink daily before breakfast.

purgo tea morning detox

This tea is made up of sencha, goji, dandelion, lemon grass, hibiscus, chamomile, acai, and ginseng.

I found it had a very herbal taste, kind of like grass. I didn’t mind the taste though and enjoyed drinking this tea.

purgo tea morning detox

How to Prepare
You steep a level teaspoon in one cup of near-boiling water for 2-3 minutes. You can also resteep the tea for 5 minutes for another cup before lunch, but I never did that (because I had my tea at home before going to work).

Depending on how many goji pieces you get (some days I had none), your tea will vary between yellow/brown to pink/red.

purgo tea morning detox

My Thoughts
I found it cumbersome to drink this tea before breakfast. Now that I’m back to work after a year of maternity leave I have to get ready with a 1 y-o running around, so I already had sort of a morning schedule established and adding in this tea meant that I had to have breakfast at work instead of at home. There were a few days when I drank the tea during breakfast instead of before because I like to eat with my daughter (which I obviously was not doing if I ate at work).

Evening Cleanse

The second part of the Purgo Teatox is the Evening Cleanse tea that you drink every other day in the evening.

purgo tea evening cleanse

This one contains locust plant, sencha, key lime, lotus leaf, cassia seed, pu’erh, oolong, chamomile.

One can’t help but wonder why an evening tea has sencha, pu’erh and oolong in it since they are all caffeinated teas. However, I’ve never noticed any difficulty going to sleep (I’m sensitive to caffeine – I can’t even drink cola at dinner).

This tea also tasted herbal/grassy, but compared to the Morning Detox, it seemed fruitier for some reason (must be the key lime). It’s not fruity by any means, but as I said compared to the other tea it just seemed that way to me. I enjoyed drinking this tea.

purgo tea evening cleanse

How to Prepare
You steep a level teaspoon in one cup of near-boiling water for 2-3 minutes. They recommend steeping for 1-2 minutes at first and increase your way to 3 minutes.

purgo tea evening cleanse

My Thoughts
I drank this tea in the late evening, as a pre-bed tea. I first steeped this tea for 1 minute and increased by 30 seconds every time until I reached 3 minutes. I don’t know what effect this tea is supposed to have, but I never noticed anything. I even steeped it for 5 minutes once, and still nothing.

Final Thoughts

I drank the teas for 2 weeks and a half and still have some left for a good 3-4 days – I guess my teaspoons were not as full as I thought they were (it can be hard to tell with loose leaf tea).

Purgo Tea has a 4-step plan for success (drink morning tea, eat nutritious food, be active, drink evening cleanse tea), but since we eat relatively heatlhy and are somewhat active people (we workout at least 4 days a week, if not more), I did not change anything with my diet or exercise level – if I did and noticed a difference, could I really credit the tea for it?

After drinking the teas for 18 days I did not notice any difference in how I felt.

I did expericence a lot of bloating in the few weeks following the teatox and I’ve been meaning to start drinking the teas again to see if they would help (it seems a lot of people have experienced less bloating while on the program), but after putting my teas in the cupboard I kept forgetting about them (out of sight out of mind), and the bloating has since passed. I will take them out next time I go through a bloating phase so keep an eye on my Tea Empties to see if they helped or not.

Want to try Purgo Tea? Use the code CHANTALTEATOX to get 5% off! 🙂

Have you tried a teatox? Would you try one?

– Chantal 🙂

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