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Not too long ago I showed you the Rocia Mixer Masque and today I’m back with more products from Rocia: their Organic Olive Oil Cleansing Cake, Purify Toner and Clarify Moisturizing Cream.

The cleansing cake and moisturizer are for normal to oily skin, and the toner is for oily and acneic skin – which sums up my face pretty well. I also have dehydrated skin, but that’s a skin condition and has nothing to do with my skin type.

So, let’s see how these products worked out for me…

rocia naturals skin care

$ Note: all prices are in Canadian dollars. $

Organic Olive Oil Cleansing Cake ($12.50)

this exceptional product (rich in vitamins and antioxidants) moisturizes while its creamy lather gently cleanses even the most delicate skin … 100% pure, perfume free, baby-mild … great for acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.Rocia

It’s been a long time since I’ve used a facial cleanser in solid form, they’re not as popular as liquid cleansers.

I didn’t expect this cleanser to lather much, but it did! It wasn’t a crazy amount of lather, but more than I expected.

This cleanser worked really well and did not leave my skin feeling dry and tight like some other cleansers for oily skin can do.

rocia organic olive oil cleansing cake 1

Look at the beautiful marble pattern in this cleanser.

rocia organic olive oil cleansing cake 2

This cleansing cake is rather odourless. And I feel like it will last for ever. I’ve used it for over a month, and although I know it went down in size, it does not look like it.

Purify Toner ($20)

this unique blend of clinically proven rainforest botanicals and organic hydrosols eliminates oil and impurities from acne-prone skin leaving it looking and feeling clear, smooth and balanced.Rocia

I sprayed this all over my face and neck after I was done cleansing, then massaged it in with my fingers. It felt nice.

You know when you walk in to exotic stores that have sculptures from around the world, and there’s this incence smell in the air? That’s what I find this toner smells like. I really like that smell.

I also used this toner with the Mixer Masque (since you need a liquid to mix with it to create a paste).

rocia naturals purify toner

Clarify Moisturizing Cream ($35)

this jojoba-based moisturizer helps reduce excess and tighten enlarged pores while leaving skin with a smooth, soft, matte look.

This moisturizer feels a bit greasy, which surprised me. It won’t leave your skin feeling like an oil slick or anything like that, it’s just that since it’s for normal to oily skin I guess I just expected it to be more drying.

This smells the same as the cleanser, just a bit stronger. As I mentioned before I really enjoy this smell so I do not mind it at all. It lingers too; I would get whiffs of it here and there for a couple of hours.

rocia naturals clarify moisturizing cream

In my products picture at the top there’s also a sample of the Balance Cleanser, which I believe was meant to be used with the Mixer Masque to create a cleansing scrub, but I only found out about that after I used the cleanser in the shower. However, I did not have enough to be able to give a review on it.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using these products because I really liked the smell of the toner and moisturizer. However, after a little over two weeks of using them I found that my skin was getting dry and my neck was getting itchy from the dryness. I was surprised about this because of the slight greasiness of the moisturizer. At that point I stopped using the toner and moisturizer, but kept using the cleanser. By introducing my regular hydrating and moisturizing products back into my skincare routine my face and neck came back to normal.

I really liked the soap and kept using it until I started trying new products, and I’ll definitely finish it later on. But the toner and moisturizer did not work for my skin. It’s too bad because I really enjoyed their scent – but that’s not enough of a reason to keep using them. If your skin is really on the oily end of the spectrum, or if you don’t have dehydrated skin, then these products might work better for you.

Have you tried products from Rocia? Is this a brand that you’d be interested in?

– Chantal 🙂

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