FabFitFun: 2015 Fall Edition – with video!

Hi everyone!

My 2015 Fall Edition fabfitfun unboxing is finally here, yay! This is by far my favourite subscription. Let’s take a look…

fabfitfun now offers add-ons where you can get items from past boxes at a discounted price. Remember in my Summer Edition when I mentioned that they had shipping issues to Canada? As a compensation they gave us $10 towards add-ons, so I used it to get this candle (I paid $4 instead of $14).

$ Note: all prices are in US dollars. $

fabfitfun add on daniel stone coco gardenia coconut body candle

I have to admit that when I fist saw this candle I thought it smelled like coconut, that’s why I picked it up. But I was wrong. It’s actually made of coconut wax and smells like gardenias. It’s still a nice fresh flower scent though and will be great to use next spring and summer.

And these are the regular items from the Fall Edition:

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition gold radiance luxury facial mask

I love face masks and am looking forward to trying these out!

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition tappan collective umbrella

I keep umbrellas everywhere (in the car, at work) – just in case. So this will definitely get used at some point.

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition lucky lip stain by manna kadar cosmetics

Not sure about this colour on me, but we’ll see.

UPDATE: Read my review on this Manna Kadar lip gloss.

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition crest 3d while brilliance 2-step system


fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition flawless skin fluid by doctor d schwab

Another meh…

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition purple purse charm by allstate foundation purple purse 1

I will gladly wear this on my purse in support of a world without domestic violence.

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition purple purse charm by allstate foundation purple purse 2

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition hisy battery pack

This is good to have around with all the tech toys we have these days.

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition merrithew strength tubing and dvd

I love exercising and incorporating new workouts in my routine, so this will be fun to try.

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition glass crystal bead bracelet by tribe alive

I love that these bracelets are made by, and help women around the world earn a living.

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition gift cards

I’ll see how much shipping is to Canada from these sites and may buy something.

And that gives us…

fabfitfun 2015 Fall Edition total retail value

This is only my third box, but I’m always impressed by the contents and the value! Granted this one has 2 gift cards counted in the total value, but even if you take those out it’s still an impressive box!

Get $225+ in seasonal finds for $49.99. FabFitFun members receive the best, full-size beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products delivered as a curated seasonal surprise, 4x per year. Get FREE shipping (US only – $8 to Canada) and save $5 with code NEW5.

Sign up now and get $10 off your first box! (this is my referral link)

What do you think of this box? Any items you’d love to have?

– Chantal 🙂

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