JORD Wood Watch: Ely in Red Sandalwood

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I love watches and apart from my engagement and wedding rings they are often the only other accessory I wear when leaving the house. I may be old fashioned, but nothing beats a watch to tell the time – especially now that smart phones are getting bigger and bigger, there’s no way I’m carrying mine around in my pocket! (I never have either.)

All that to say that I was ecstatic when JORD reached out to me to review one of their watches. They are so beautiful!

Since I have small wrists I chose the Ely model in Red Sandalwood ($129 USD). Let’s take a look at this beauty…

jord wood watch ely red sandalwood

In case you didn’t notice already, the JORD watches are made of wood! Yup, that’s right, real wood. And they are hand-crafted too. The face/dial of the Ely model has a scratch-resistant mineral glass and a little date window.

The JORD watches come in these awesome wooden boxes.

jord wood watch ely red sandalwood

They’re even propped on a pillow! The care and beauty of the packaging is amazing. Part of me wants to leave the watch on display like this in our living room… but the desire to wear it is stronger. 😉

jord wood watch ely red sandalwood

The back of the watch is engraved with the JORD logo. The clasp is made of stainless steel and opens from both sides to make a really wide opening to put your hand through. Once you close the clasp you can barely see it.

jord wood watch ely red sandalwood

The watch is splash resistant, but not water resistant so it should not be submerged in water. JORD says that lemon or orange oil extract is best for cleaning the natural wood.

jord wood watch ely red sandalwood

Since this watch is made of wood it is so light on the wrist that you barely notice you’re wearing anything. It goes along with all kinds of outfits and jewellery too which is awesome. I’ve been wearing it daily; I absolutely love it!

jord wood watch ely red sandalwood

When you order your watch you can have it sized for you for an extra $10, which is definitely worth it! That way when it arrives you can wear it right away instead of waiting to go get it sized at a store.

Check out all the models and wood/colours that JORD offers. Plus they have free shipping worldwide!

Need a gift idea for a special someone? If they wear a watch then they would definitely love a JORD Wood Watch.

What do you think of their watches? Which model would you wear? I know I have my eye on a few other models, like the Cora in Koa & Rose Gold, or in Purpleheart & Pearl – I can’t decide which one I prefer more!

Wood Watches by JORD

– Chantal 🙂

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