Travalo Refillable Fragrance Atomizer – Milano in Aqua

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Ever wanted to bring your perfume with you but the bottle was too big to carry around? Maybe on a trip, or in your gym bag, or just in your purse because you’d like to reapply mid-day? I have the solution for you! Travalo makes pocket sized refillable fragrance atomizers that refill in seconds directly from a big fragrance spray bottle (Travalo).

Today I’m showing you the Milano model in the colour aqua ($49 USD) – I loooooove this colour!

travalo milano in aqua

The Milano has a beautiful leatherette exterior with finely crafted metal parts and holds 5ml of liquid which gives you 65 sprays. And it’s airplane safe so you can carry it with you EVERYWHERE!

travalo milano in aqua

This product is really easy to use. First you remove the inner cartridge from the outer container (so you can see how much you’re putting in and don’t overfill).

travalo milano in aqua

Then remove the head of your perfume bottle, put the Milano cartridge over the tip and pump. Filling it completely takes less than 30 seconds, it’s so quick and easy! It is also mess free so you don’t end up with perfume all over your hands and table.

travalo milano in aqua

You can see the fill spot at the bottom, but you don’t need to worry about it leaking because it uses the latest Genie-S patented refill technology. Plus I use it and it does not leak. 🙂

travalo milano in aqua

This refillable atomizer sure is a handy accessory and I love that I can carry my perfume with me – just in case.

The Milano is the most luxurious model of the Travalo family and comes in multiple colours, and there are various other models too.

I noticed that my local Shoppers Drug Mart has a box of Travalo at the cash and they retail for $12.99 CAD (it’s the Classic model).

I know a lot of people like to travel south during the cold winter months – this is a great way to bring your perfume with you without having to bring a huge bottle. I know this is what I will bring with me whenever I get to travel!

Have you heard of Travalo before? Is this something you would use?

– Chantal 🙂

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