SLANKY Body Warming Underwear in Lace

Hi everyone!

Do you live somewhere where winters get cold? I do! We can go from a 40°C/104°F humidex in the summer to a -40°C/-40°F windchill in the winter – which we got really close to this past week! Crazy, huh?!? And I get chilly easily – I’m known for typing with mittens at work, lol! So I was thrilled to received the SLANKY Body Warming Underwear ($25.99 USD) to help with my chills this winter. What is this SLANKY you ask? Keep on reading to find out!

SLANKY Lace Body Warming Underwear

So, what is the SLANKY Body Warming Underwear? Think of it as pantyhose for your upper body. That’s how it actually started, with creator Karin cutting and sewing some of her pantyhose to make a seemless top that she could wear under her shirt to help keep her warm.

I received the lace version in the colour cinnamon (they were out of blush, the light shade) and in the standard size (fits xsmall–medium, size 2–10).

SLANKY Lace Body Warming Underwear

I’ve tried a few different tops over my SLANKY and here are my thoughts…

The majority of what I wear in the winter as far as tops go are long-sleeved tees and shirts (like the one I’m wearing in this post). Unfortunately, the SLANKY does not work with those tops because they stick to each other and it’s almost impossible to get my shirt in the right position, no matter how much tugging and pulling I do. I thought that with the black shirt it’d be easier than a long-sleeved tee because it stretches, but I found it only made it worse because you pull on the shirt and it stays there, so I had lumps of shirt here and there that I could not seem to flatten.

However, under a “slippery” blouse I had zero problems. But I rarely wear blouses – especially at the moment as I’m trying to get my pre-baby body back, I don’t quite fit in my old clothes yet.

When you have it on is really looks seemless… can you even tell I’m wearing something under my blouse?

SLANKY Lace Body Warming Underwear

Does it help keep me warm? Yes, to a certain extent. If I’m really cold then I’ll still need a sweater or a hot tea to warm me up, but if I’m just starting to feel chilly then yes it definitely warms me up and I don’t need anything else.

All in all this is a great idea, but I would prefer it if the material was more slippery so it fit easily under cotton shirts. I think I would like 3/4 or half sleeves too.

What do you think about the SLANKY, is this something you would wear?

– Chantal 🙂

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