SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet

Hi everyone!

Have you ever wanted a charm bracelet? Today I’m showing you a very affordable brand called SOUFEEL. I have featured them before and today I’m back with new charms to share with you.

soufeel charm bracelet

As you can see above, the bracelet arrives in a cute little box that is ready for gift-giving – if that is the intent of the purchase. There’s also this beautiful brown bag that you can put the jewellery in, and they even include a gift bag in the shipping box to give it in (not pictured).

I chose the basic bracelet ($29.95 USD) again because last time I chose mine a bit too small and it’s too tight once I add the charms onto it. That’s something to keep in mind when selecting your size; go bigger by 2cm. Since I showed the clasp in my previous SOUFEEL post, today I’ll concentrate on the charms.

The highlight of my bracelet is definitely the personalized photo charm ($25 USD). I chose a picture of my daughter from when she was five months old, it’s one of my favourites, and it came out so well.

soufeel personalized photo charm

For the rest of my charms I chose the Water Sign Cancer Swarovski ($25 USD). Last time I chose the wrong sign, OOPS! I was distracted by the name of the charm (June Gemini Charm) because my daughter was born in June, but it was at the end of June so she’s under the Cancer sign.

soufeel bracelet charms

Then I chose the Little Elephant ($20 USD) because it’s so darn cute, the Pink Bonbon ($15.95 USD) cause I like the pink, and the Lines Knot Safety Chain ($20 USD) just in case my bracelet was to open. The clasp closes really tightly, but it’s a just-in-case thing. The charms on the safety chain are also stoppers so the other charms won’t accidentally fall off my bracelet when I open it. Trust me, just a little slip and they all go rolling all over the floor. But not anymore!

soufeel charm bracelet

I’m really happy with the bracelet I created.

soufeel charm bracelet

soufeel charm bracelet

SOUFEEL has lots of charms available, all made made of 925 sterling silver (all their products are), and they’re always adding new ones. They offer free shipping worldwide with orders over $49 USD and 365-day return and exchange guarantee. Plus use code Blogger5 and get 5% off!

What charms would you choose for your bracelet?

– Chantal 🙂

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