My Halloween Nail Art with H&M Nail Polish in Black

Happy Halloween!

Did you go to a party this weekend? I was supposed to go to one on Saturday night, but I ended up with a stomach bug and felt like crap so I stayed home. I had done my nails on Friday night though so I’ll be sharing those with you today.

h&m nail polish in black swatches and review

When I was at the mall on Friday for the Douglas Coupland event at Simons I did a bit of shopping and one of my stops was at H&M. They don’t have a beauty section, unfortunately, but they do have a few items around the lines for the cash. I was just perusing the small selection when I came across nail polish. Obviously I don’t need more nail polish, and especially not a black one (I already have three), but this one was in a trio with a pink and a glitter AND I could post about my new black nail polish… Oh who am I kidding, I’m trying to make excuses when the reality is that I just wanted it, LOL! 😀 The nail polishes are simply named Confetti, Pink, and Black. Can’t argue with that, lol!

h&m nail polish trio black pink confetti

The brush is wide and thin and it works well.

h&m nail polish in black swatches and review

The formula is a bit thick, but is covers really well and is almost a one coater. I did go with two coats though. Since the formula is a bit thick it bubbled on me a wee bit, but once I was done with my next steps (mentioned below) you couldn’t see them anymore.

h&m nail polish in black swatches and review

Since I was supposed to be a vampire I decided to add some red rhinestones to add a bit of glam to my nails. I added a coat of clear nail polish to help adhere the rhinestones, then I covered everything with a nice layer of topcoat and voilà! I LOVE how these turned out. Even my husband said that it’s one of his favourite nail art I’ve done so far.

h&m nail polish in black swatches and review

I realize that this nail art does not scream Halloween, but in read life the rhinestones seem to glow which adds to the overall effect (the camera always matifies shiny things, grrr).

This is the first nail polish I try from H&M and I’m really impressed with the formula. If you’re looking for a black nail polish I highly recommend picking up this trio. Ok, so I have not tried the pink and glitter polishes yet, but at $6.99 CAD you can’t go wrong. This is definitely one of my go-to black nail polish now!

What have you tried from H&M‘s beauty line? Any other nail polishes I should pick up?

– Chantal 🙂

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